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  1. Very useful. Thanks for doing this map!
  2. Flindix

    Is Paris the new congested city?

    Sure, paris is congested because of the new WoT event but there are so many cities that allow short jobs. I still don't know why all people chose paris. :/
  3. Hai guava.

    1. TimeTimes


      Well hello there (Sorry for late response, didn't have internet and couldn't respond to you)

  4. Flindix

    Will Bus Dlc Income On 2019?

    I don't really believe it will be released next year, as much I'd like it to be. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to sell it as a dlc instead of a different game with same map. It wouldn't make sense to have a game called "Euro Truck Simulator" with buses. But all in all, I think it's something we are all looking forward.
  5. Flindix

    What's new in Update 1.34?

    The new MAN truck along with some physics tweaks and more germany rebuilding. At least that's what I hope for 1.34
  6. Flindix

    Turn "Truckersmp" into a payed service

    I don't see how a 1€ fee would stop any troll from joining the truckersmp. This is not the solution. Some trolls unfortunately already create multiple accounts (ban evading) even though the game itself costs around 5€.
  7. Thank you so much for doing these giveaways! Congrats to everyone else that won! I also gave my copy of the DLC to a friend of mine since I already had bought the DLC
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/id/_flindix/ - I got to know about truckersmp via youtube, specifically the "idiots on the road" videos - Being able to play with your friends and colleagues - Self-hosted private servers.
  9. Flindix

    DLC Baltic price

    I still don't understand why scs didn't release the price before or never allows pre orders :/ But I'm happy with what I have seen of the baltic dlc so far.
  10. All the best to u cute

  11. Time asked Time how much time Time has. Time has responded to Time that Time has so much time as Time has.

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      That's deep bro

      Alexa play Despacito

    2. TimeTimes
    3. NoTime4name


      No time then

  12. Flindix

    Steam Fam share

    No, they aren't. That's because you have to link a unique steam account owning the game, when registering a new truckersmp account.