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    Officer: " Sir, where did you get your license? " me: TMP: ETS EU2 ofc
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    My pictures from the TruckersMP Staff convoy: TruckersMP Police Dept - Reporting for duty (racing )
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    Time for a short flight from Oslo - Warsaw while jumping into the shower and getting ready for a new work week.
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    when a skoda drives past you on tmp
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    A new blog post on my site, the first in ages but still: https://forerunner-mods.weebly.com/blog
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    Massive Thank you to the TruckersMP team for giving me the opportunity to join the Staff convoy today! Even if I did slip in the ice it was a fun convoy! So thank you very much
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    Alright, own up. Who broke the recruitment page? xD
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    From Staff event. After convoy , Staff race finish line @0zgur @Berk Koc [TR] @Horizon @DerAmpelmann @ThatCrazyPillow @Mirrland @Digital and the other... Thank you so much for that . It was so enjoy event that I have joined before . I felt that I am a part of a this family TMP
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    Staff Convoy at Taranto,Italy .
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    Its ATS 2+ years now... Time running so fast....
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    ';...;' Good Evening! ';...;' I have a Scania S, but I'm still a Skoda driver.
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    Hey guys, There is a video from the Truckfest of Atlas Logistics convoy from yesterday, hope you enjoy:
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    when you are charging your fitbit all day and then you check it and realise you put it in the wrong way so it never charged
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    Sign up to SOFTUF's Anniversary Convoy! https://softuf.com/threads/softuf-anniversary-convoy.319/ http://truckers.events/event/676-SOFTUF-Anniversary-Convoy
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    imagine if statuses counted as post things
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    Good luck on your future ventures!
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    I hope you had a good evening!
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    Have a good night Truckers ...
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    ConSecGroup's 3 year anniversary truckfest and convoy earlier was fantastic!
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    Evening TMP, how are you this fine evening
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    Older photo Enjoy the weekend, tomorrow a business day --> iFlufy <--
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    Here the link is if you missed it: https://softuf.com/threads/softuf-anniversary-convoy.319/
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    The weekend is almost over Enjoy the last hours ^^
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    Thank you for everything. I will miss you forever
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    Happy Birthday @MashedPotaton8r @bielak51 @Maiky @heedgehurg @LikeCheeseMan @kubasse @ZaCk_14 @jesustg @FatihCoskun @DaveRave @Freeman015 @trias @[BTS] Trembatch @[TM-Trans] POLSKA @[Transiberica] Melo @SharpVTC_Dinos @H1vltg3NZ @Wez @Seba740i (PL) @Zeta_Pictoris & @LKRISS
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    Thank you for your service. Good luck in the future!
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    Feels weird driving my good ol' Scania again. Hope to see you guys at the TMP stream today! I won't be doing much talking as I will be driving
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    Rip cat, well that cat is actually @Kravatie https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd3Sgdlnbuf/
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    Hibernating till tomorrow's staff convoy Good night everyone!
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    A few hours ago 30km from where I live. You are looking at Renault Premium which crahsed in the back of that black Magnum, the driver survived, he managed to steer to the left enough to save himself. Still some broken bones.
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    Even tho there is the vote for /fix, in my opinion it will always look like cheating the system, just like speeding is. It is spammable and it takes no money from you. Just limit all servers to 90kmh and watch the magic happen, it would kill all the trolls and speeders. At the same time it would bring more hardcore people to the game, the ones who dont play MP just because of people who dont know what speedlimits are for. Overall there could be a bit less people on servers, there would be way less reports, we would get more enjoyalbe gameplay and no bad feelings (rage,...).
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    Would like to thank @DJ Jefferz and the rest of Atlas for a good truckfest and convoy earlier!
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