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  1. Not really funny but a very, very lucky person.
  2. Hi @ItzDenis The Special Transport DLC is (currently) not supported by Truckersmp. Maybe it never will. See this announcement for more information. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/31-current-development-status-overview-info/
  3. Does it also happen if you use an default solid color? Do you have tried to remove all things and add them to your truck one by one? That way you know what accessory causes the kick.
  4. Tommie59


    ^ De Veteran rank is afhankelijk van hoeveel jaar je op het forum bent geregistreerd; Veteran I voor 1 jaar, Veteran II voor 2 jaar en Veteran III voor 3 jaar geregistreerd op het forum.
  5. Have you tried changing your password or using the forgot password button? Maybe that will work.
  6. Tommie59


    Ik gok dat dat per 100 posts gaat en als je 1000 posts heb gehaald dat het vrachtwagentje vol is.
  7. Since the last update the No Damage mod is not longer allowed: §2.1 Hacking / Bug abusing - PERMANENT BANUsing any kind of tool to change gameplay, using cheat engine in order to bypass the speeding limiter or anything similar.
  8. Hi @tigersager You can remove the limit in the Gameplay tab of your ETS2 settings. You can reconnect by restarting the client.
  9. Well, in some people's eye's the developer can do never well. Now they make sure that our data is safe it is'nt good, but if they don't do it and the data is stolen they should have make it more secure. Just be greatfull that we have developers that really care for our data and for us.
  10. This is probably Autosaving. Do you see Saving in the top left corner of your screen when it happens?
  11. Only the paintjob you get after completion of tier 2 isn't supported, the cabin accessories and the main menu background do work.
  12. Hi @Mahdioqaili If you know the username of the perpetrator you can search him in the search bar on the Truckersmp website. The TruckersMP ID is in the url, for exemple: https://truckersmp.com/user/412643 The TruckersMP ID of this user is 412643.
  13. ^ The person from this topic could'nt see that page: So just in case, I have a screen of the site here:
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