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  1. Tommie59

    Cruise control?

    I always use the cruise control because it drives much more relaxed then the pedals.
  2. Most of the time I listen to Skyradio which is a Dutch radiostation. Around this time they have alot Christmas songs that I like to hear.
  3. Not really funny but a very, very lucky person.
  4. Tommie59

    DLC Baltic price

    I think it will be around 18 euro's just like the other DLC's. That's around 20 US dollar. Also, if you have the other map DLC's you can probably buy the Map Booster pack. This will give you a few dollars discount on the individual price of the DLC.
  5. Tommie59

    1.33 Relased!

    The new trailers are a good addition to the game. I also like it that you can put beacons on the trailers now.
  6. Good luck to everyone!
  7. I love the trailer with the Writigen 808:
  8. Hi @ItzDenis The Special Transport DLC is (currently) not supported by Truckersmp. Maybe it never will. See this announcement for more information. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/31-current-development-status-overview-info/
  9. Does it also happen if you use an default solid color? Do you have tried to remove all things and add them to your truck one by one? That way you know what accessory causes the kick.
  10. It is difficult to chose. On one hand, it is very usefull if you have been rammed by someone but on the other hand it is a gift from heaven for the trollers. However, as they changed it a bit so that it can only be used with a trailer attached once within 10 minutes, I vote for yes. Perhaps it is possible to disable the command for users who have a lot of bans for trolling, ramming etc.?
  11. Tommie59


    ^ De Veteran rank is afhankelijk van hoeveel jaar je op het forum bent geregistreerd; Veteran I voor 1 jaar, Veteran II voor 2 jaar en Veteran III voor 3 jaar geregistreerd op het forum.
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