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    [TRANSLATOR] @szykaro23 transfers to the Game Moderator team as Trainee.
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    Soğuk günlerde içinizi ısıtayım dedim.. MagaB
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    Short trip with some German dudes @Wolf/:\Logistik mox_mox @[ConSecGroup] JustFabi @Mr_durchgetrollt @Wolf-(Wolf /:\ Logistik) @PöserBube
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    After having a look at the weather forecast, it looks like it'll be snowing soon
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    [SUPPORTER] @SkortiL [TR] leaves the team due to personal reasons. Thank you for your time and effort.
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    Suggestion Name: Tutorial after registering account Suggestion Description: We all know truckers life is hard. But if you are online trucker its even worse. So let's skip that and keep to the subject - tutorial after registering. The whole idea is new registered players to watch a video, made with some basic points which for example can be: 1. When we can overtake and how we can do it? 2. Trucks place on the road. 3. What is no collision zone, where we have it, where it starts and where it ends. 4. Some signs - Stop, Giveway, etc. 5. How traffic lights work and what to do if they are not working(during the night). Any example images: None Why should it be added?: So after they watch this short video(it will take ~2-3 minutes to watch) they will have a test with some questions(~10-15) which are random generated from some set of them. If they have atleast 80% right answers they are allowed to drive in this virtual word, if not - watch it again, do the test again. Now you will say that this is pointless, useless and more and more. Well no. This will be helpful because some people i saw this days didnt know that when taking left turn at junction they have to give way to people driving forward. A guy was driving on the left lane on highway when the right was free making it "rule breaking" to overtake him. Now you will say this is just a game, not real life and etc. Well yes, it is game but it costs nothing to make such a small system which might be even usefull one day to this people when they out there in the real world. P.s: Im sorry for not following the "format" you set but it seems better for me that way. If its problem ill make it yourway. P.s2: I got some more ideas for that system but thats in general. Everything else is just a bonus. P.s3: Lets make this virtual world one better place ^^ P.s4: Video can be made on english adding subtitles in different language for it. Cheers, Axemption
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    Suggestion Name: Collision Registering Suggestion Description: A script or system wich detects automatically if someone crashes into another player or object and then registers these collisions. So if someone crashes more often it gets automatic reviewed. This could make the report reviewing much more effective and easier, and the maniacs and trollers get busted automatically after a while. Any example images: I have no example pictures of this suggestion because simply there are no examples to be found. Why should it be added?: This will make the game more troll free. Because the people who crash a lot and troll around get reported automatically thanks to this crash registering and makes the reviewing of reports also more easy. I Think it will improve overall traffic online and makes it more fun for the simulators.
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    Video tutorial on how to use the color codes: Information (You should read): Refrigerated and non-Refrigerated trailers can be swapped because they use the same colors.(some other trailers may be apply to this too. Report any errors in this topic with an image and name of trailer I am looking for a C# programmer I started on a program to do this automatically for your but I have very little knowledge of C# because I am still learning. More Trailers will be added every week Trailers Part 1: Trailers Part 2: Trailers Part 3: Trailers Part 4: Trailers Part 5:
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    Hello there! We are proud to announce that a new version has been released! Features Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ 2bb642ef42dc ], [ 5503e687add3 ], [ f5bde2c67d78 ], [ db6abe3c1566 ] Support for American Truck Simulator [ c36f2b9f3d4a ], [ c00a3e70d9f1 ], [ 58e25c1e7e3d ], [ 355af7696471 ] Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC: Road to the Black Sea, Bulgarian Paint Jobs Pack Support for American Truck Simulator DLC: Utah Support for International LoneStar in American Truck Simulator Support for World of Trucks event for Christmas 2019 Support for Frosty Winter Weather Mod (read more in Winter is here!) Support for ProMods v2.43 Bug fixes Fixed rendering UI on DirectX 11 with non-standard resolutions Removed a wrong placed non-collision zone on ProMods server Other changes Added check whether the player owns all DLC's required by ProMods Disabled command hq_screenshot as it was unexpectedly crashing the game Revived snowing effect
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    This is not a bug report, just a friendly warning about bug that has been introduced by SCS in some recent update. TMP has nothing to do with this. The fence stretches fom below, and completely blocks all driving lanes in both directions. Players will collide with it, AI vehicles will pass rigth through. You can get around it by utilizing the shoulder, but the fence is very hard to spot, especially at night. Crashing into the fence will cause players come to unexpected stop, and anyone following them likely crashing too, any reports against players crashing here should be ignored. The bug has been reported to SCS, hopefully they will release fix soon, in the meantime keep your eyes on the road when you are nearby Location of the bug:
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    Thank you for your confirmation! We are glad to hear that your Question has been answered. Huge Thank you to @Blueyy for helping here If you require more help in the Future, please do not hesitate to create another Topic or a Support Ticket. Kind regards Linciano TruckersMP Support //locked and moved to solved Topics.
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    Thanks for the replies i did not realise there was a tool for it.
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    TruckersMP once declared that this is one of their future plans but they will not start implementing it until SCS brings a stable AI. Currently, SCS constantly changes the behaviour of AI vehicles. Therefore, it is highly possible that any effort that TruckersMP puts into this might end up in trash.
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    Witaj, Wykonaj poniższe czynności i powiedz, czy rozwiązały one Twój problem: Sprawdź w menadżerze zadań, czy masz otwarty proces ETS2. Jeżeli tak, to zakończ go i spróbuj ponownie. Jeżeli problem wciąż występuję, usuń plik core_ets2mp.dll znajdujący się tutaj: C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP, uruchom Launcher i pobierz ponownie ten plik. Z poważaniem, Kid Fabi TruckersMP Game Moderator
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    I heard a rumor that apparently it might be snowing in America too https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/109742-smoky_tmp/&status=149888&type=status
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    Was very foggy this morning https://ibb.co/6X0bZkP https://ibb.co/wLnyC4N https://ibb.co/fXWBg2G https://ibb.co/Q9H3XX1
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    In the past, when the teaser video was made on this topic, TMP had a working prototype for AI support, but just before the Official Release SCS completely overhauled the AI system, thus breaking the whole project. And ever since, SCS been changing the AI in the game. When SCS comes up with the perfect AI that doesn't need further changes, then the "new gamemode" probably will be supported.
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    Hey @sicktulip5, Since SCS is updating traffic AI with almost every update, It's practically impossible to implement traffic into TruckersMP. I know that there's a thread with proper response from developers, but i can't find it anymore. With regards, RedPiggy
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    mEow! If it looks like you carry the weight of the world on your back, and you are having a hard time. What you have to do is get your feet on the ground. After a thunderstorm, there is always a rainbow.
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    I had an amazing time this evening in Simulation 2 driving with no less than 11 Prime Logistics VTC drivers around the Baltic Sea DLC area, delivering gifts as part of the World of Trucks event
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    When I join a community, I always ask myself how attatched I can get to the community I'm joining and how I can identify myself with it. I quickly figured Viva was popular and applied. Then I checked my emails not a whole ten minutes after thinking a VTC as big as this might need some time to reply, I dabbed my F5 key because outlook and suddenly this email from Viva saying my application got accepted appeared in my inbox. Huh, neat. I looked around and did the tutorials, became driver and got the tracker. Easy stuff, cool, now I can pretend to "work" for a trucking company. Except it's so much more and I'm glad I was wrong about VTCs not being able to do much given how limited ETS2 is in terms of gameplay. I absolutely enjoyed every single convoy I joined up to this day. I helped where I could and I'm thinking to join a Divison. I have found a shelter for my cold heart. Viva is like a cozy attic in the swedish alps, but with a Nintendo Switch.
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    Baston şekeri yalamak isteyenler sıraya girsin hepinize yalattırıcam
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    [PLAYER] @meLadyBear joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee.
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    @Scorpio_N Adaşımla uzun süreden sonra yollardayız
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    Thanks to all participants of the Nitro Booster Convoy! Thanks to @Lasse for planning, organizing and leading this event! @LordBenji @Picklez. @AndyTF @[Chenxi/COO]*Sange @[Chenxi/EM]*Edmund @[Chenxi/400]*Air Canada @Jeronimeau @3ventic @Koneko_ @joerkig
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    Kobra™ https://truckersmp.com/vtc/45/
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    Hey! From the 18th November to the 1st January 2020 at midnight, we are going to be looking for talented individuals to join our Translation Team. The Translation Team is tasked with translating assets, posts and messages for the community. You will help the community to understand what is going on at TruckersMP by translating those in the language that you apply for. You will also be making sure that guides, knowledge base articles as well as the official rules are translated in time and that message posts are translated when applicable; this allows us to understand where other people may be coming from in another language. Requirements Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least one month No bans within the last 12 months Must have no more than 3 bans in total Activity on the forum is required Must have overall good behaviour, which includes forum, Discord and our official social media pages You have sufficient knowledge of English language and the one which you apply for Good communication skills Resilient, active and flexible Ability to work within a team and on your own at times Ability to complete translation tasks with ease Eager to learn and progress your knowledge Organised and adaptive Be able to accept constructive criticism Know at least one more language than English Languages that we are mainly looking for during this recruitment Portuguese Italian Hungarian Turkish Although these are the languages that we are primarily looking for, we will be flexible. You can apply for this position here. End date of this recruitment: 1st Jan 2020, 23:59 UTC
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    Salutări tuturor jucătorilor! După cum bine stiți, chiar acum 3 zile în jurul orei 14:00, ProMods a fost făcut public pe TruckersMP. Cu toate acestea, RomaniaElit nu se oprește prin a ne surprinde! Dar, ce au făcut? Și care este legătura dintre ProMods și RomaniaElit? Au reușit să ducă la final un convoi cu 60 de participanți, toți membri ai comunității împreună cu 2 membri ai staff-ului TruckersMP care nu fac parte din RomaniaElit. Un convoi care a pornit chiar din Republica Moldova din orașul Bălți, a trecut prin orașele Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Arad, Sibiu și a ajuns până în Piața Constituției din București, în fața Palatului Parlamentului. Nu a fost deloc ușor, au existat probleme cu serverele TruckersMP, ceea ce a necesitat deconectarea repetată în timpul convoiului. Datorită acestor probleme, toți membri RomaniaElit au schimbat un total de 3 servere, începând pe ProMods 2, continuând pe ProMods 1, și terminând pe [US] ProMods. Suprinzător este faptul că niciun participant nu a părăsit convoiul, chiar dacă s-a sfarșit după ora 23:00. Dar ceea ce este de apreciat de fapt, este că problema serverelor nu a putut opri această comunitate din a-și atinge obiectivul, aducându-i titlul de prima comunitate care a terminat un convoi pe ProMods. Ești curios să vezi cum s-a desfășurat? Poți vedea chiar aici. Felicitari RomâniaElit! InvisibleRaptor TruckersMP Translation Manager
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    Hi, Just wondering if this is still in the works or planned? This would be a great day for truckersmp Here is original thread from a while back: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/48171-any-eta-for-server-side-profile-and-economy-is-it-still-planned/ Edit: Suggestion description: A server side profile that locks the ability to save edit, stopping players being able to add unlimited money and also hiring of AI drivers not allowed. (maybe only relevant to one server.) Why should it be added: This also allows great sums of money to be earned with no effort. Causing more trolls as players do not have to worry about repair costs. It also takes away most of the progression aspect of the sim.
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    Salut tuturor, Suntem mai mult decat fericiti sa anuntam ca 2 noi produse listate au fost lansate. Unul dintre acestea contine design-ul original, in timp ce celalalt este focusat pe cea de a 5-a aniversare a TruckersMP. Design-uri originale: https://teespring.com/truckersmp-merch-2019 Cea de a 5-a aniversare: https://teespring.com/truckersmp-5th-ann-merch Facand o comparatie cu listarile trecute https://teespring.com/truckers_mp, toate preturile sunt mai mici, in afara de cel al canii. Trebuie sa notati ca pretul hanoracului de la a 5-a aniversare este mai mare decat restul produselor normale. Deoarece hanoracul detine 2 imagini, si rezulta automat intr-un pret mai mare de productie. Am incercat sa pastram pretul articolelor cat de mic posibil, retineti ca aceste preturi includ pretul de productie si TVA-ul. Transportul nu este inclus. Cateva articole sunt disponibile in mai multe culori, ramanand la acelasi pret. In cazul in care comanzi ceva, fi sigur ca vei comanda marimea corecta a produsului respectiv. Daca aveti nevoie de mai multe informatii despre cum functioneaza Teespring, le puteti vizita site-ul. Acest link va poate fi folositor: https://community.teespring.com/training-center/teesprings-customer-support/ . Vezi postul pe pagina principala
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    All official rules are in place during an official TruckersMP event. Although, there are some that are different from the public servers. Be sure to follow these rules when attending an official TruckersMP event. Last updated: 2 May 2020 Overtaking - It is not permitted to overtake during a convoy. If you are overtaking, you will be kicked from the server on your first offence. The second offence will be a ban depending on the situation. Cars - Use of cars are prohibited during any convoys organised by TruckersMP as they are reserved for staff. The only cars you will see during a convoy will be either Game Moderators or the Event Team. If you are caught using a car during an event, you will be kicked from the server. Repeated offences may result in a ban for the duration of the event. Reckless Driving - Please ensure that you are keeping a safe distance from the player in front of you, to ensure you can stop safely. There will be Game Moderators watching over the event, making sure that participants are acting appropriately. Free-roam - Roaming throughout the server and not following the event is not allowed. You must be participating with the convoy, or in the surrounding areas. Failure to comply will result in removal from the event server. Convoy Control - You must follow convoy control instructions given by the Event Team. They are there to ensure that everyone is driving in the correct direction and alert you of upcoming hazards. You can identify the Event Team by their blue username!. They will be driving a Police car. Their instructions must be followed at all times, otherwise, you will be removed from the event server. Trailers - Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a trailer is required to participate in our convoy's. For Euro Truck Simulator 2; you should not exceed two (2) trailers For American Truck Simulator; you should not exceed three (3) trailers If your trailer is too heavy and causing gaps in the convoy, you may have to pull over or teleport to the Services. Traffic Signals - The convoy will always have priority over traffic signals. It is not required for convoy participants to stop at red traffic signals, or yield at junctions. The event servers are only online for the duration of the event, they are not available 24/7.
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