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  1. Downgrade

    Because the MP team has to compile the new update for the MP so you can use it without any crashes. Normally it is done after 4-5 days and you can play with the newest version and the new features.
  2. In-game report record save option

    This would be a good idea but I have a question. Is this function alway on or do you can turn it off? If the record is saved on your computer this would be also a problem for low spec computer system due to the fact that the system now have to record the whole time. But if the user can decide himself if he wants to enable this or not it would be a good idea. PS: Anriandor solltest du das lesen, wovon ich ausgehe, soll ich dich kontaktieren was etwas schwer ist.
  3. Connect to server in non-collisions areas only

    So if I crash while driving in a convoy or get kicked I cannot drive simply back to the convoy and drive with them. It should be overthinked.
  4. (non) collision zone

    Maybe it should be changed that if you leave a safe zone you are invulnerable since your whole truck left the safezone. If its possible. +1
  5. Suggestion (In-game refund system)

    Its a good suggestion and it sould be thought about it. Maybe some people would play more safe. +1
  6. Nice idea and the option would allow people with a low spec pc to change the settings how they can play it. +1
  7. no-collision area in Rostock

    +1 It would be prevent a lot of crashs and reports in that area and the traffic would go more fluent in Rostock.
  8. Driving Record/Company

    +1 It could be added through World of Trucks and could be a nice way to see who is driving with you and how often he is driving.
  9. In- Game Convoy System

    This would be a way to play easy together even if you are not in a VTC. It is a good idea especially on EU1 or EU4. +1
  10. Trigger Spots

    It could be added to the to do list but it is not that difficult to relogg. e.g if you build a truck you can build your truck easy while your server slot is opened for another one.
  11. Another Server like EU2

    -1 If you going to start another server the user maybe will split and one of the good points of ETS2 MP is that you see also other player and do not have to drive for 1000km without seeing a truck.
  12. Personal Sound Modifications

    Some people would like it. It is not the question if its needed or not. If some people would like it it is worth to think about it.
  13. Convoy Load Selection

    +1 This would be very nice. Convoys with the same load a rary especially if the people are driving for many.
  14. Playertag

    Should it only be viewable over the truck or also in the tab?
  15. Leute zum zusammen spielen gesucht^^

    Wenn du immernoch leute suchst würde ich dich bitten dich mal zu melden. Ich fahre häufiger in einer Streamergemeinschaft und heißen jeden willkommen.