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  1. Could it be fixed if the system sets the whole truck with the trailer in the no collision mode not depending on the no collision area?
  2. Yes with World of Trucks jobs but you are not forced to drive 90 km/h it would be nice but if a player wants to drive with 130 km/h he is allowed to as long he does not hit other players. So why do you want to set an speed limiter? But a few aspects especially the wrong way aspect would be very nice because the most player do not drive for miles in the wrong direction.
  3. Ban for a cheater regardless of the history

    I am totally with you but, there are only a few cheaters in the game who are using their cheats to annoy other players. The most people reported are because of ramming, trolling or just not to drive like they have to. So if you want to make the same punishment system for them this would be unfair because the most of the user do sometimes things they should not do or they just react some how wrong. Pls define cheater.
  4. Do you prefer driving at day or at night?

    The best thing if you drive at night is that you can see the beacons very good and if you do not put that much of them on your truck the interaction of the truck beacon and the trailer beacon of heavy cargo trailers e.g are very nice. But If I am driving alone in the night the normal view distance of the driving light is very low so that I often have to turn on the high beam.
  5. I had this problem with my old internet provider also. Maybe your NAT Type is set on strict. You could try to open the most used ports in your router or you search the ports of the truckers mp server.
  6. Click to report

    I think it could be hard and very difficult for the driver if he clicks on a truck and a window is popping up and maybe blocking the screen so that you cannot see the traffic or the road. So would it be a stational window? Do you have to stand still to use this function? But nevertheless it would be great if this would work.
  7. It could be added but it is really necessary? If all of the players who are trying the double trailers stop to drive them and spread all around the map this would be not more necessary. And for this short peroid of time it would cost a lot of time to implement it, because of all the other things the developers have to do. But if you can convince the develeopment team it could be usefull.
  8. Adding a small realistic effect.

    This would be a good idea if there is a possibility to turn it of and on for the people who do not like this feature. Or if you can disable it with the mute player function or if you set the volume of the voice chat to zero. ??? But I think if this would be implemented there would be a lot of players who like it. +1
  9. Virtual one-way "walls"

    On a lot of country roads service stations are only at a distance of more then 100km and a lot of trucks and cars have to use them. But at the most of this stations the entrance is prohibited from one way. So you do not have the chance to use them if you are driving in the wrong way (I know that you have to look for your fuel tank but this is a game and a game should also make some fun and do not disturb only because you forgot to refuel and are not able to use the gas station. Sry but -1 Slushbro
  10. Auto Kick Cars

    If you implement this system all players would be automatically kicked regardless of whether he drove reckless or not. And what do you do if an convoy with oilot cars drives through this area? Should the pilot cars just log off or leave the convoy alone? Especially in this areas pilot cars are very usefull for a convoy. As megadeath also replied: Just because some cars are driving reckless and doing some crashes due to their high speed it is not appropriate to kick all. That's the situation all truckers have to face in RL. Slushbro
  11. Is there a possibility to contact an administrator in game e.g if a player is blocking a convoy? 

    1. Positivetrucking168


      Technically not, however if you are involved in a convoy and an admin is involved in that convoy you might be able to PM the admin. In other cases you can use the in-game report system or record and report on the website. 

  12. NCZ Extenstion on Scandinavia

    How much do you want to extend the non-collision zone? I recommend until the next possibility to turn but the driver also have to look up how they have to drive and where they can turn without damaging your own or other trucks. But at all I think this would be a great change especially for EU2 where a lot of players are on.
  13. Change Car Mirror FOV

    This would be nice because every time I driving as an pilot I often have to drive in the back looking view to check if the convoy drives in a line. And it would make the cars more realistic apart of the fact that this is a truck simulator. Or you add the option that the player himself can adjust the rear mirror.
  14. Maximum Speed for cars

    In a lot of threads this problem was a main subject and now I am glad that you opened an own thread. I think also if you set a speed limit for cars at 160km/h (little bit more that a pilot car can catch up a convoy fast) it would avoid a lot of crashes due to the fact that after the 160km/h the stability of the cars is not more given, as Anriandor also mentioned, but you have to pay attention on the fact that this is a simulator and cars are faster then trucks (the most cars) and they should have the opportunity to pass trucks without a problem.
  15. Downgrade

    Because the MP team has to compile the new update for the MP so you can use it without any crashes. Normally it is done after 4-5 days and you can play with the newest version and the new features.