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  1. Здравствуйте! Расскажите подробнее, в чем заключается ошибка? Приложите скриншот ошибки, расскажите более подробней.
  2. Тема обновлена в соответствии с новыми версиями модификаций. Инструкция по установке актуальна, версии модификаций на прикрепленных скриншотах отличаются, будьте внимательны.
  3. Тема обновлена в соответствии с ProMods 2.60, поддерживающаяся TruckersMP. Инструкция по установке актуальна, версии ProMods на прикрепленных скриншотах отличаются, будьте внимательны.
  4. Dear friends! Please accept our sincere greetings and best wishes for a Happy New Year! New Year is a holiday that miraculously combines the past, present and future, bright dreams and new goals, unrestrained joy and quiet sadness, regret about the passing time and aspiration for the future. With gratitude and kind words, let us remember the old year and with confidence look into the new. May the coming year bring you happiness, peace and kindness, may it bring prosperity, health and happiness to your families. We wish you the fulfillment of your most cherished desires. May success and good luck accompany you, may all your good ideas and intentions come true. Let's sum up the results of the outgoing year. What did the expiring year bring to all of us? We are growing, the Team is getting bigger, as well as our whole Community. This year, we have a new Team - Media! And now we have an official VTC.World YouTube channel. We have implemented many support for new features, both from SCS and TruckersMP. We're constantly updating many libraries, fixing problems, adding and rewriting many lines of code. It really takes a lot of time. What are the main results, among other things, you may ask? We'll try to fit the answer to this question in a few lines: + Implemented support for other platforms, such as the TrucksBook client and others for the VTC.World profile. + Added a new mode for creating screenshots. + Improved work with navigation data cache. + Improved server cargo economy. + Improved event joining system. + Game Modes have been implemented; Simulation game mode has been added. + Added new directory "Charge History". + Taxation system has been implemented. + A damaged cargo tracking system has been implemented for direct shipments. + Interface elements have been added for the VTC system (not active, under development). + Transport archive directory has been implemented. + Other functions and services have been implemented. This is just a basic cross-section of the many updates, a list of which you can always find on our forum. And now probably to your main question, where is the VTC system? The VTC system is in development, as evidenced by the above. We are on our way to implementation, as we have introduced a system of modes, taxes, and a transport archive. Now, that leaves the market and then the VTC, which will combine all of the above. Yes, the timeline has been delayed, affected by the large number of game updates, large functionality, which, as it turned out, took a lot of effort and time. Warm regards, VTC.World Team.
  5. Have you seen the pictures of my gaming and workspace below? I've decided to make some coordinating changes to the gaming equipment! I'll have a photo report soon, and maybe a video too! 🛠️

  6. This is where my broadcasts on TMP come from. 🤠


    1. JuanK.


      Woah! Beautiful setup :woah:

  7. The question is not clear. But in any case, read the rules, and do not break the rules.
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