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  12. Dear friends! And again a new peak, a new number... The VTC.World project is growing and developing. There are 20000 of us (and even more). 20000 (Twenty thousand with +) Users are officially registered on the VTC.World Project, with which we congratulate you and us. Is this another round number? Not quite. This is a long way from the idea of functionality to its implementation. This is a lot of work, sleepless nights, constant development and striving for perfection. This is the joy of implementing the plan. Now, the VTC.World project for many registered users is a kind of outlet in the implementation of a simulation other than the basic game. And we already have 20000 fans - real fans of cargo transportation. Smooth roads for you in the vast multiplayer TruckersMP. Sincerely, the administration of the VTC.World.
  13. Dear friends! We invite you to a festive New Year's convoy from VTC.World and ask you to support this event by voting to apply for a dedicated TruckersMP server. For more information, see the event description at the link. Thank you in advance! Description of the event https://vtc.world/event/4FBB62E0E462CAB6/
  14. ^ Всё что нужно знать про автобусы написано в базе знаний TMP: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1577
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