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  1. aleyküm selam aga senin direksiyona noldu la videoda gördüm klavyeye dönmüşsüm 😄

    1. Legends01


      yeah G29 crash

    2. -Mermi-


      oğlum türkçe yaszana bee uğraştırıyon adamı

  2. sa cnm hello 😄 

  3. BOM BOM 🙂 patapataZ5tjB6.png

    1. 3749771


      Nice Car! 🚔

  4. ────(♥)(♥)(♥)────(♥)(♥)(♥)

  5. ────(♥)(♥)(♥)────(♥)(♥)(♥)

  6. bana bi yardım edicek varmı arkadaşlar kaç aydır yapamadım yine deniyim dedim tutmadı gözünüsü seveyim banada el atın
  7. Doğum günün kutlu olsun can cazım nice sağlıklı huzurlu sevgi dolu güzel güzel seneler olsun pembişem 😘😘

  8. not only in Duisburg, but also in Cali. I think you forget there, especially after the service.
  9. ekcCR.pngi love you king @-VOYVODA-

    1. Changas!


      Nice picture! -  VOYVODA? boss?

    2. Shadel


      Great Photo

  10. First of all, I would like to say that the bus was waiting very well, but I would like to say that the fix command works on the trucks, but it is not on the bus, you need to bring it, I think it is the biggest missing
  11. hello dear truckersmp team, I would like to tell you briefly about calais and duisburg, which are the most crowded in the game command, if you excuse me, I went to calais today, I took my tonnage from there, I proceeded and I came across 1 admin by chance, but when the admin saw the crowd, he came out behind me and you have constant patience along the way, accident swearing blocking along the way. Believe me, they alienate people from the game, for this reason, I beg you, for God's sake, can't an official come at least until Calais and his exit, please let's solve this big problem together, we're going to start a campaign, but they don't allow me, I'm waiting for your answer with respect. 

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