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  1. Congrats my friend!!!

  2. I currently have these, but I want to complete the collection. xD
  3. The reconstructed part of Germany, Scandinavia and Italy, are beautiful and magnificent places.
  4. Almost all the garages, except some of the baltic sea dlc and little to complete the dlc of Italy, and all the garages have 2 drivers working.
  5. Depends on the occasion, often by CB and hard to understand what people say, so I prefer to chat
  6. This is a great suggestion, we hope developers will listen to this suggestion. Many people who drive behind the wheel lack a hotkey on the wheel
  7. Opening a specific server that applies red-light penalties as an example would be unfeasible given that developers would take time to program the "example" signal. If you want to simulate, and just follow traffic rules, many people who want to simulate, avoid high traffic areas, is simple.
  8. Good evening everyone who has a great week.


  9. +1 would like to have this command, would be more practical, as I drive by mouse, in these situations I have to stop the truck to access the TAB and select the player to mute or turn off the CB radio.
  10. This is a good idea, but I think there must be a way to stay on the map, but when someone looking for your name in ETS2 MAP didn't find it, it would be a way to avoid unwanted people.
  11. It would be interesting for us players to have this option to know at what speed another player is going, but I think there is a point that we should note, on a downhill the truck picks up more speed when it shifts the transmission to neutral, I use this natural feature a lot. depending on the descent can reach up to 130km / h
  12. I find this idea interesting, as soon as we have several people do stupid acts that give Alt + F4 quickly and even giving / pinfo the player is no longer found or someone else comes in, but I think there should be an option in the configuration panel "TAB".
  13. This is a good idea, but I think the cleaner the user name display field is, the better the avatar would be for the flag.
  14. -1 It makes no sense to have benefits from being a veteran, and there is already a specific area highlighted in the profile.
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