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  1. congratulations bro for the conquest of GM.

    1. sQCF - Beater

      sQCF - Beater

      Thank you! o/

  2. Thank you for contribution TruckersMP.
  3. I remember the release of TMP, when there was no collision in the service areas or in the companies, that was cool, but it caused inconvenience for players and so were added in specific areas. Adding more non-collision areas would take away the realism of those who want to simulate, unfortunately we have to live with hasty and rude drivers.
  4. I don't think it's a good idea, the information that appears is more than enough. If you want to know more about the player, just enter his profile.
  5. hello @Henny I was behind this solution too and i found it easy to solve. go to the TruckerMP desktop shortcut and right click and click properties, then go to the "shortcut" tab and there will be the "destination" line in this line you add the following command. -homedir "D:\ ..." without quotes Follow the examples in the images below.
  6. Ready to sleep, good night everyone. 😴


  7. In my opinion, it's a great idea, an extra guide that redirects directly to Development Announcements
  8. Gostei do Post, bem explicado e melhor traduzido para o pessoal. No offline ando bastante com essas cargas superdimensionadas, a experiencia de andar com essas cargas não tem igual. Algumas empresas no Multiplayer poderiam combinar de fazer escolta de algumas das cargas que e permitida no Online como a locomotiva.
  9. Precisamos contratar novo funcionário para jornal local para trazer novas noticias, carinha aqui sumiu.
  10. O meio mais eficiente de conscientizar é eles sentir no bolso, mas mesmo assim, eu não vejo outro modo de conscientiza esses jogadores que já entram no jogo com intuito de avacalhar, melhor meio que conheço ate hoje é gravar e reporta pelo site. Não e de atoa que o carinha ali de cima tem mais de 600 videos de report.
  11. -Fallcon


    Probably last week of December
  12. Deveria colocar 90km/h logo, MP ja foi bom antigamente, na época que não tinha limitador Calais-Duisburg era um caos ai veio o limitador de 110km/h deu uma diminuída, mas mesmo assim acontece muitos acidentes por imprudências, o pessoal que quer simular acaba sendo prejudica com a imprudências de outros motoristas.
  13. WOW, I predict you have a lot of ways to go yet, I just explored the whole of Iceland and most of Russia, I'm going south.
  14. Yes it is possible in my HCT trailers are all released, as I was mentioned above, if you know how to move the save files and easy, otherwise better not move, any wrong change can compromise your save.
  15. I love driving double trailers, besides having a bigger challenge when maneuvering and parking.
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