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    [SUPPORT] @WarMaz also joins Forum Moderators.
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    Ok, so on Tuesday I posted this: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/666-mike-dragon/&status=61971&type=status I talked to my boss about the situation (apparently he wasn't meaning to talk about it but I made him) and to sum up the story, thank God I am not losing my job. I still don't know if there will be any cuts, however, but that right now is the least of my concerns. One thing he brought up a while after we talked is that the way I treat our clients may not really been the actual reason why they cancelled with our company. Because I'd have to get into specifics and that would result in a VERY long text, I will cut short and go straight to the two main details: All the clients that cancelled under the excuse that my treatment and/or services were poor have one thing in common: The partner company that provides them with a store sales system for management of their sales and products. My boss also pointed out an issue our major client was having not long ago with the speed with one of their stores was accessing the system, which is hosted in their server in the main store, so it relies on an internet connection. For a while they have been complaining that every two days, around the same time, the store would lose connection to the system and the server so they called us to investigate the problem. I monitored their connection for weeks and the connection itself was perfectly fine. What was happening is that their ISP was changing the external IP and the software in the server, responsible for managing and "translating" that IP to one that's always static was not renewing the connection quickly enough. I brought this up to my boss at the time and the pattern would repeat itself every two days around the same hour. The external IP would always change and the software was not renewing it quickly enough and we know that all ISPs do an auto-renew of each IP they provide every few days. The solution? Have the client contact their ISP to either ask for a change on the time in which the IP was being renewed or hire a static IP service. But what happened instead is that the owner (or manager, I don't know what the guy is) of the company that provides them with that sales software system said instead that they should simply upgrade their internet to a optical fiber connection. Well, they did. I went to both stores to set up the new modem in their network. The connection is great and fast! But guess what still would happen? Yeah, that's right. The connection to the server was still being lost for a few minutes and the IP was still changing in the same pattern. They complained about it to us, naturally, and my boss told the owner of the company (our client) that they have been warned and told what to do to fix that problem, that the solution was not upgrade to fiber and that that decision they made had been suggested by the guy of the sales software company and they (the client) took his suggestion on their own and without our knowledge. So his theory is that the client brought that up to the guy of the sales software company who certainly was not happy about, well... essentially being told by the IT company that his solution for his client was wrong and ours was right so he must have contacted our clients in common and told them something awful that convinced them to cancel their contract with us. It would be too much of a coincidence that all the clients who use the same sales system would cancel within very few months apart and for the same reason, while the other clients who don't use the same sales system are still with us, have no complaints and in fact, two actually praised my service and treatment, recently. Something just doesn't add up! I am absurdly upset and down with all of this but I feel better now that I have calmed down and am not losing my job. Also, thank you all who showed me your support and encouragement on the previous status post. I am really sorry this one turned out as long as it did. I tried to be as brief as I could, I promise! Hahah. Anyway, thank you for reading.
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    As we are putting finishing touches on the New Mexico DLC for American Truck Simulator, we also need to finalize all the various marketing and promo material, so that we are ready for the release day. One of the key elements is the promotional video trailer. We have been working on it for several days already, and today we are finally happy with the result. We decided that we should not sit on it until the launch date. Instead, we want to show it to our game's fans now, ahead of the release, to whet your appetite. ;) View the full article
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    Great news! I think I fixed the quiet problem for my mic.
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    Possible new DLC - Escort vehicles and a truck straddling both sides of the road to make room for an oversized trailer Taken from SCS' official Instagram.
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    Odpal kiedyś Map Edytor, zrób w nim cokolwiek co ma ręce i nogi, zapisz to i pilnuj by działało przez każdą kolejną wersję ETSa. Teraz to się możesz wymądrzać, jak się czegoś dowiesz to potem pogadamy.
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    So last night, I went ingame, but i was flooded with PMs from people asking me to ban someone and then they are calling me admin. I was confused until they said @Mariotify logged out and I got same ID as them. I laughed for a bit but I almost ended up blocking PMs because of the amount of PMs I were getting. xD I now know the pain that admins get...
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    @LordBenji o/ took the next 2 screenshots using FRAPS cause you can take screenshots while driving with FRAPS @oolala11 o/ @Aestrial o/
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    Another awesome Virtual truck company (Ice-VTC) will be down soon.
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    That moment when you joke in the staff's Discord about @Horizon playing Never Gonna Give You Up on TFM but then he actually does it. Anyway. I just did a little update on my banner. :3
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    Heb zelf wat aanpassingen gedaan zoals: @Kayr0 is nu [Game Moderator] @Prime is nu [Game Moderator Leader] @Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner is nu [Support]
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    Nowadays on Calais - Duisburg https://imgur.com/a/uoirj
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    /moved to Turkish Discussion
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    Bonjour @kazura23, Pour pouvoir écrire votre "@", il suffit de copier (CTRL + C) et de coller (CTRL + V) ce @. De plus, vous pouvez également écrire votre adresse e-mail et votre mot de passe dans votre bloc-notes ou un document World par exemple et après cela, il vous suffit de copier coller dans la case correspondante. Bienvenue sur le forum. Cordialement, Yoyo_ManSg
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    Funny Moments & Crash Compilation #47 new sound effects and 1 new song
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    Good morning, my hiking buddies!
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    Osiągnięć też przybyło
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    Driving down C-D road next thing yah know my trucks flying.. guess im actually the great truckerpilot after all lol
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    Nie od razu Kraków zbudowano. Na pewno w przypadku ATS'a nie ma co wybrzydzać, a tym bardziej narzekać, ale to już normalne w tym społeczeństwie... Jedni są zwolennikami Europy, a inni Ameryki, a jeszcze inni uwielbiają oba te tytuły. Nie pamiętacie już jak to było w przypadku, gdy ETS 2 był mało rozwinięty w dniu premiery, a w porównaniu do tego co jest teraz? Amerykańskiemu odpowiednikowi też trzeba dać czas, ale zawsze będą tacy, którym nic nie będzie pasowało. Nikt nie każe przecież kupować tych dodatków, wolna wola. Już widzę, gdy SCS wypuści Włochy lub Nowy Meksyk, jak to ludzie marudzą, że to jest za drogie itd. Pewnie jakby te DLCki mapowe były za darmo to i tak, niektórzy będą dalej narzekać na zawartość, ciężki żywot twórców gier .
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    kendini minyon olarak tanıtıp sizden kart bilgilerinizi isteyenlere itibar etmeyiniz
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    Estimado @[023] Sergio, Los reportes vía web pueden tardar hasta 2 semanas en ser tratados, respeto a los reportes in-game si pasan 10 minutos de inactividad y ningún personal del staff lo han revisado se auto cierra y no se toma ninguna acción al respeto. Simplemente debe ser paciente eso es todo, los reportes en la web siempre son respondidos, asi que continué utilizando dicho sistema y solo sea paciente, no conseguirá nada creando este tipo de tópicos. Un saludo.
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    uçak kazası ve diğer kazlar çok güzel detay olmuş yollarda itfaiye polis ve ambulansın olması çok güzel bir detay olmuş olay yelerınde olmasıda ayrı bir guzel olmus
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    hopefully not building up the hype then dropping a massive price on it like 20 dollars 5-10 dollars would be nice
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    Some very interesting camera angles used in this trailer, they looked excellent. Fingers crossed that some form of cinematic mode comes to either of the two games, it would make videography easier and more effective
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    Hidden update from SCS: Double decker trailers I want one of these to crash them with the bridge of CD road above A73 to make it collapse and cut CD road in half xd.
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    Hello sir and thank you for the follow.
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    Moinsen Leute, ich bin der Micha Bin einer der Geschäftsleiter der WBK, Ich bin fast 32 und Elektroniker. Derzeit sind wir aktiv dabei neben Konvois auch Partnerschaften aufzubauen und wir brauchen gute und engagierte Fahrer. Ich kann nur sagen, kommt zu uns Wir sind anders als die meisten und gehen das ganze mit Spaß und dennoch professionell an. Und wir schaffen auch die dicksten Dinger weg , auch wenn es mal eng wird mit dem Zeitplan Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald in der WBK-Group Mit freundlichen Grüßen UnrockstarHH aus dem schönen Hamburg
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    What's up with these polish ads about PUBG, wtf, I already have PUBG.
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    Żeby to miało sens, trzeba zrobić coś więcej niż przesunąć ścianę. Na czym ma polegać urozmaicenie, że tutaj jest mój domek - koniec. Jeżeli to ma być faktycznie jakieś ciekawe urozmaicenie, to trzeba włożyć w to "trochę" więcej pracy. Dodatkowo pracy, którą trzeba powtarzać przy każdym patchu wydanym przez scs.
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    Потому что вы берёте Внешние заказы. Там всегда 90км/ч. Это не убрать. Это SCS установило.
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    skąd takie przypuszczenie? są jakieś DLC zależne od innych?
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    Dear @ItzDenis, Are you satisfied with the answers you have been given? Greetings!
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    А в настройках игры у вас ограничение снято?
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    3 more days till I become a Veteran Driver
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    On a more uplifting tone and in a completely unrelated subject, the Nitro crate in Rocket League is so difficult to obtain! It's been months since I got one and today I finally got another. This crate contains the Draco wheels set, which I REALLY want! So I opened it! And sadly, I got another Mantis. -__- I already have one of these, now I have two. Is there anyone here who would like to trade a Draco wheel (not painted) for this Mantis? :c The Draco is awesome!
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    Ok, so i haven't been banned since 29th Apr and apparently i can't apply for moderator due to me being banned recently. It was months ago tho...
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    Thanks for the 600 rep everyone! Didn't know i would get that much rep! xD
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    Goodbye to those who were in ICE VTC. It was a great vtc but sadly it shut down earlier tonight. I wish all those in ICE VTC good luck. It re-opened
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    I really wish SCS would be given the licenses they need for the American trucks, already. I really want to get my hands on this strangely odd beauty that is the International Lonestar!
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    不想起床啊 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 床板真的是有吸引力 再睡一会
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    when you are a master of your profession...

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