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  1. Can you explain me "Doctor Tailor" how is this supposed to be Reckless driving? Explain me: 


    1. I did not have an accident.

    2. I just signaled my intention to overtake you.

    3. I'm allowed to overtake when there's low traffic.

    4. If you drive with 70 km/h, i'm not obliged to stay in your back so I have to overtake then. \\ the same thing you have to do in real life - read or investigate the legislation because after all it's a  real life simulator.

    So please, make the decisions right, you're not admin just to drive; I'm not a kid, I could be older than you and have a driving licence in real life for both car & truck. There are also a lot of mid-age drivers and truckers in this game.



  2. Nowadays on Calais - Duisburg



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    2. Lester_1981


      I agree with what i have seen on youtube. Cant wait till i get the game. Looks interesting though

    3. #Sikora


      Hahahaha true :D

    4. Lester_1981


      I need someone to be nice and gift it to me. I think it would be a lot better then ATS. Not much to do on there. Map is really small

  3. Se lucreaza la forum momentan, va asteptam pe adresa de Team-Speak: ts.ets2.ro // EDIT: Forumul s-a redeschis.
  4. LUL, seems legit, haha xD


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    2. *MΛŠTΣR4ŁİFΣ* ;x

      *MΛŠTΣR4ŁİFΣ* ;x

      he has 188,483 hours on record, that means he playied 21 years non-stop. haha, and the Steam platform is since 2003

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  5. anyone wants? it's a steam gift  . add me :) I gave it for half price or less, got already all dlc-s.


  6. Did anyone got a spare key from PC Gamer event from London? I can pay for that, contact me!

    1. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      There is no need to pay anyone, just yet.


      One of the TFM presenters was down at the PC Gamer Weekend and they managed to get a few keys to giveway on air at Truckers.FM.


      So, I would tune into TFM over the next coming days to be in with a chance of winning a key!

  7. Does anyoane know how to solve this problem when i'm trying to decrypt the file?
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