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  1. [BD] Glavni CHAT vozača - Main Chat Topic

    ^ Nadam se brzo da ce doci u igru
  2. Crash & Funny Moments :D


    1. Fumiko


      You don't like to drive with a trailer? great vid so far btw lool 

    2. #Sikora


      I don't drive with trailer so much on CD road

  3. What do players listen to?

    Most of time otvoreni.hr, topfm.rs or truckersFM
  4. New Crash & Funny Moments :D


    1. Lester_1981


      I like your videos man they are funny and crack me up. Would you mind if I follow you?

    2. #Sikora


      Thanks man :D and you can follow me haha :)

    3. Lester_1981


      Thank you man. 

  5. i Cant start game

    If you played before on that save without dlc vive la france just find save where it was.
  6. Yea, yea.. I started to be boring but check this out :D


  7. Just let them troll people, when they get perm ban they will buy game again and that is profit for SCS, simple
  8. Crash & Funny Moments #11 :D


    1. BigLarge


      Lol Omg! :D XD


  9. Italia DLC Giveaway

    I have 4 bans so no giveaway for me But it was great when 2 admins appear and stop me in Going East DLC
  10. Crash & Funny Moments #11 :D


  11. Crash & Funny Moments #10 :D


    1. KhaosHammer


      Driving at 150km/h on the C-D road.



    2. [GeoTC] BL4CKSK1LL

      [GeoTC] BL4CKSK1LL

      @KhaosHammer once i was going with 180Km/h there :D 

    3. #Sikora


      Better with truck go that fast then with Scout