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  1. What graphics card do you have AMD or Nvidia. Option 1 probably the best is plays.tv it is always recording but it doesn't save it until you hit a certain button which save the last 30 seconds of recording which you can change to more time if you want and it works with nvidia and AMD. Option 2 shadowplay for nvidia cards only I don't know much about it since I use plays.tv and I have an AMD. These are the two best recording softwares since they are less intensive than most other recording software out there.
  2. The reason it took a year was because the modder who created it had some real life situations in between development. You can technically make a working truck mod in atleast three months as long as it already has all the textures and the interior and most GTA models have full interiors now. GTA is probably where you could get and convert it to ATS. The code for the car is already in the stamp code they would just have to change it based on the parts it has and file names.
  3. It took ages if I remember because the developer had some in real life things to take care of in the middle of developing it. I know it is a long process because zmod and blender can sometimes be a pain but that is why I use 3ds max. Only if they had an impotent-exporter/mod tools for 3ds max.
  4. Yeah they shouldn't have the same exact car as ets2 since it doesn't fit at all. I guess for now it is fine but they need to get on a crown Vic, impala, ford taurus, ford explorer or a dodge charger asap. Bxbugs123 at lcpdfr.com may be able to help get a model for one of these vehicles.
  5. Who said they can't change the uvm mapping all they would to do is update the steampunk dlc
  6. That wouldn't be why his files would be labled to be opened as a wordpage whatever that is. That only allows you to use the save game decrypter. But he fixed it so its good. Just letting you know for the future.
  7. I don't know if this would be possible but i know pretty much everything is possible but what they can do is instead of using city zones they can use speed zones to set the speed limiter because in almost every city the speed limit is 30mph so all they have to do is set the speed limiter to 37mph each time you go into a 30mph speed limit zone and when you leave and the speed limit goes back up just set the speed limiter back to 68mph.
  8. New photo of my kenworth and another driver on the highway taken with my new LG Ultrawide monitor.
  9. I have to work the day after ATS only for 4 hours though

  10. You can try using this but i don't know if the 680's you have are compatible with these coolers because the cooler is supposed to be used with reference cards. The cooler may work with the cards you have but they may not. What i would do is goto reddit.com/r/buildapc for some more help.
  11. I play less than half of these i only play 7. Still need to get fallout 4 and just cause 3.
  12. finished Building my new pc imgur.com/a/7vcFL

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    2. outstandinggamer


      @takumi nope mini in a mid

      @TheImaginativeLad yeah it is already overclocked

      and the granola bar was tasty after installing my drivers thanks newegg

    3. outstandinggamer


      Yeah 12.1 inchs and my case only supports up to 12.5 inch cards so it alwas very close.

  13. Cheat engine is way mote complicated then using this method.Cheat engine = 5 minutes of work Save extraction method = 1 minute of work
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