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  1. Thank you for your prompt response. I will wait patiently for the fix .
  2. I followed this precisely and still cannot get ATS MP to launch. Always returns error.
  3. They just need to exclude the terrain that has Interstate Highway, even if that means very short stretches of under or overpasses would also be effected.
  4. I don't believe it is a bug. It appears more to be a decision made for probably legitimate reasons (coding issues, or system issues or whatever), or maybe was just a honest design mistake. A bug is more like when something is not working at all as intended. I believe the city AoE speed limit effect is working as intended but needs a suggestion (this forum's purpose) from players to the developers to consider a modification or improvement to how it works.
  5. I have to go to my alternate browser (Chrome) to even be here at this page. I have Internet Explorer 11, fully updated, on a very healthy, well maintained and defended system (Norton 360). When using IE 11 when I browse to (load) TruckersMP.com the load circle spins constantly and never resolves. It doesn't finish the load for some reason and you can never get a response from the 'login' button. However Chrome, for some reason doesn't stall out on your page. IE version: 11.0.9600.18204 Update version: 11.0.28
  6. Problem: City zone (Area Of Effect) speed limits slow down excessively, and unrealistically the speed limits of players on Interstate limited access Highways (high speed expressways), that just happen to pass through city limits. It is very annoying, causes congestion and accidents (players merging cannot build up speed beyond the city speed cap) Suggestion solution: Change/modify/tweak the definition territory of the city limits speed limit to not effect the Interstate Highways (example I-5, I-10, I-80, etc.). It would only be reasonable and realistic to slow down to 55 mph (usually -not the 40 KPH or whatever it is). Occasionally even 60 or 65 mph is still the legal speed limit even when a Interstate highway is close proximity to, or within a city.
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