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  1. I am also having this same problem. Both ATS and ETS2 upon exiting still strand a background task .exe as if they were still running and forces me to do Task manager / End process just to be able to relaunch game. It also continues to misinform Steam friends list that I'm still playing those games.
  2. Right ?! But try maintaining 68 mph on I-80 near Reno (within city border) in the desert and no you're going too fast
  3. ^ And as I have already I also do prefer what I call the regulated server (Euro 1) instead of the alternative 'need for speed' server(s) as McDodge cleverly describes. Having a system a speed control is important, and I appreciate the need for it. The issue again is entirely only the application of the speed control concept when it effects the Interstate expressways. The speed should be a minimum of 55 mph, when near cities (never 37), and then later 68 mph is fine for the often congested rural sections of I-5, but in further remote areas of the map, the Interstates, to satisfy the realism that many of us expect or expected, should be 75-80 mph (like Nevada).
  4. I would appreciate a least a response from someone in the management/development of the mod, in some form of acknowledgement of the issue, and most ideally a pledge to address it some time in the near future. I fear that the issue might be 'back burnered' (set aside) for a long time with the justification that players who don't like it can go to another unregulated server. I do know at least a few players in my personal circle of friends who consider it much more then a 'bit annoying' (imo it nearly ruins the illusion of driving in a real world), and have quit playing and have moved on, at least partially because of this issue (this and the many road design and driving signs errors). This is a simulation (of american trucking) -the word itself 'simulation' carrying with it a greater degree of expectation of realism, that the poorly designed speed limit system undermines.
  5. I have much respect for this game, and I believe with the right direction and decisions from the developers this game could be one of the greatest PC games/mod of all times. I also acknowledge and greatly respect the fact the the MP MOD is at least partly, or entirely the donation of free unpaid efforts by World of Truck admins, coders, etc, who voluntarily put hard work into bringing this MOD for free to the community. However I strongly dislike the effects the speed limit setting has on the Euro 1 server (the consistently high pop server), when on Interstate highways (I-5, I-10 , etc -the red and blue divided highway limited access expressways for those who may not know American road terms*), that happens to periodically enter a city limit border (boundary). The admins should (IMHO of course) do whatever necessary to adjust either the zone definition of certain cities which have the Interstate highways section passing through so as to exclude those roads from the city limit, or exclude the highway from the speed limit effect (the imposed city 37 mph (miles per hour) limit) when entering a city boundary. The situation at times borders on the absurd. For example when in San Francisco there are many street 'blocks', (hills even!) and stop light intersections -a very large part of the virtual SF area that somehow is not defined as being within SF's city limit, and thus has no imposed 37 mph, and players careen through that area at reckless top speeds, yet stretches of I-80 (interstate meeting my above description*) that passes through Reno Nevada, that is completely devoid of intersections and side walks (etc), and cross traffic (it is in the desert!), but yet for some reason the Reno city limit overlaps the Interstate, and players are forced down to 37 mph! The inconsistency and illogical aspect of this design is honestly appalling, and I'm stunned that it passed from developers and early game testers into the public hands in this state. I do not accept and strongly reject any response (reply) that suggests that I should go to a different server that has no speed limits imposed. A player should not have to choose between a low pop server which does not have a defined speed limit system, and the main (and only consistently high pop) server which does have these egregious errors in the application of the city limits speed concept. Again, with much respect to the community and the admins/coders who made all this possible. Leopold
  6. Thank you for your prompt response. I will wait patiently for the fix .
  7. I followed this precisely and still cannot get ATS MP to launch. Always returns error.
  8. They just need to exclude the terrain that has Interstate Highway, even if that means very short stretches of under or overpasses would also be effected.
  9. I don't believe it is a bug. It appears more to be a decision made for probably legitimate reasons (coding issues, or system issues or whatever), or maybe was just a honest design mistake. A bug is more like when something is not working at all as intended. I believe the city AoE speed limit effect is working as intended but needs a suggestion (this forum's purpose) from players to the developers to consider a modification or improvement to how it works.
  10. I have to go to my alternate browser (Chrome) to even be here at this page. I have Internet Explorer 11, fully updated, on a very healthy, well maintained and defended system (Norton 360). When using IE 11 when I browse to (load) TruckersMP.com the load circle spins constantly and never resolves. It doesn't finish the load for some reason and you can never get a response from the 'login' button. However Chrome, for some reason doesn't stall out on your page. IE version: 11.0.9600.18204 Update version: 11.0.28
  11. Problem: City zone (Area Of Effect) speed limits slow down excessively, and unrealistically the speed limits of players on Interstate limited access Highways (high speed expressways), that just happen to pass through city limits. It is very annoying, causes congestion and accidents (players merging cannot build up speed beyond the city speed cap) Suggestion solution: Change/modify/tweak the definition territory of the city limits speed limit to not effect the Interstate Highways (example I-5, I-10, I-80, etc.). It would only be reasonable and realistic to slow down to 55 mph (usually -not the 40 KPH or whatever it is). Occasionally even 60 or 65 mph is still the legal speed limit even when a Interstate highway is close proximity to, or within a city.
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