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  1. Ah, that's def them. Thanks for the help, we all use Volvo's XD
  2. Yeah that's one of them I have seen. Saw another one appear today.
  3. I will take a picture when I next see it next. These ones tend to have skulls on them.
  4. I have seen a few different paint jobs in the game that I have not been able to get myself. I am level 30 but these paint jobs are not DLC nor are they available for the base game. How are these people getting them?
  5. Hey Not sure if it has been fixed yet as I haven't played since last patch but the fantasy paint jobs DLC doesn't work on the multiplayer. I put one on the other day and my friends told me my truck was just black. Edit: Just found that they don't have the DLC so it is probably why they cannot see it.
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