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  1. Scottish Bloke

    Winter mod is now available!

    For all the guys having issues. Go to your documents find ETS2MP Folder. Click On it, If you do not see a MOD folder inside it, make one call it mod place the 3 SCS files inside close it then load up multiplayer. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ELSE IT WORKS ON ITS OWN i will also at screen shots for you STEP 1.. https://gyazo.com/191faf242a4abe119048767a9670d17b STEP 2.. https://gyazo.com/5741d9f6bef7bd2a902e142e40409197 STEP 3.. https://gyazo.com/b25ad157bcd30fb047317300892beb40 STEP4.. Launch multiplayer and play it will automatically be snow if not you have done something wrong. Ps the physics are really slippy you can drift and also kill other players so drive like you would in real life in snow. I Recommend Practice drifting on EU4 no collision so you dont get banned lol
  2. @Forerunner I know your a busy guy but when will 1.33 version be out, do you have a time frame like 2 weeks a moth etc? cheers
  3. Scottish Bloke

    Restriction of Local save editing

    so thats why i kept getting kicked good bye Scania straight pipe sound. thanks for ruining it, cant have nothing nice since people abuse it.
  4. Scottish Bloke

    Trailer to Truck Color

    Brilliant Guide how did you get the Trailer Paint codes?
  5. Scottish Bloke

    Simulation and /Fix

    this voting / getting peoples opinion, was more rigged than Scotland's vote for Independence. i watched the voting polls very closely everyday until the end. the vote whether their should be a cool down period or not. no cool down period was in the lead but their is still a cool down period. yes your just getting peoples opinion however here is the issue i was leaving Rotterdam and i got rammed 40% damage no big deal, put hazzard lights on and typed /fix worked brilliant. continued my journey about 30 seconds later was rammed again by the same guy (troll) this time truck wouldn't even start. typed /fix but their is a cool down period wait 200 secs or whatever it said. so had to f7 anyway. So their is really no point in having it to be honest, if their is a cool down period. plus these trolls that ram on purpose dont even need this. They will happily f7 and ram again because they mostly flip their truck anyway. Edit - here is the cool down period evidence. https://gyazo.com/489821a326df51ca55e8acd0822e6c6e