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  1. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Taglift 6x2 Scania Streamline for driving double trailers.
  2. What do you use to record?

    classic OBS
  3. Best trucks and why

    I like the W900, I prefer the classic boxy look and I can put the most powerful engine in the game in it for hauling heavy loads. Although, the newer trucks shorter wheelbase makes it more practical for average trailers.
  4. Another 8x4 truck, quite nice. I doubt it's a tandem truck as it appears more as the side plating for the fuel tank and equipment storage for an 8x4 truck than the option to paint the box trailer.
  5. i think the forums and login api are being ddosed

    1. headhunter84


      i think the group of persons who did it is well known

    2. scarface0359


      Our services can experience technical issues at all times, it's friday so it could be just an overload peak. Our systems are returning to normal operations.

  6. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    I don't know what's really going on due to a language barrier, but an entire country's staff just doesn't just go into revolt over a disclosure violation. Just saying "complaints" removes a level of detail on this situation, that perhaps we could use to know what's happening.
  7. What engine do you use?

    I usually stick to <12L engines, only using a high displacement engine for hauling 40+ ton cargo in hilly regions.
  8. What Transmision do you use?

    I prefer 16 speed ZF gearboxes, it's very nice for controlling engine revs
  9. [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea

    A nice chunk of Russia added, wasn't expecting that.
  10. [SCS Blog] Warming up for ATS: Special Transport

    @StickyEaglemost of the hard work (AI for escort cars) in theory should work fine. The time consuming problem is having to adjust the map to allow for such cargo, planning cargo routes, making assets such as trailers and cargo to haul, and testing all of that to make sure it's as good as possible on launch.
  11. people who overtake and merge back into my lane within an inch of my truck while going way faster than I am
  12. About Mileage of Trucks in ETS2

    i swap trucks around too much to really have high mileage, but for efficiency: 46.6 l/100km for my 30+ ton double trailer rear lift axle 6x2 w/16 speed and most powerful 12L engine. 26.5l/100km for a >12 ton cargo 4x2 w/16 speed and most powerful 9L engine (1,700 Nm)
  13. [SCS Blog] The Year of the Dog

    I think that might just be the reflection, despite how cool gold badges would be.
  14. [SCS Blog] The Year of the Dog

    I was thinking there was going to be a DLC for this since the truck came out, but it's nice to see some visual evidence of the pack.
  15. TruckersMP Real Operations V3

    some of the crashes were neat to route around, but the event where the road had to switch between the different ways of traffic on the highway was a mess beyond comparison. The queue for the event was to the city for pete's sake. Perhaps next time an event that forces traffic onto one side of the highway single lane?