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  1. The thing is that the team wants ETS2MP to be all ages friendly, as with the base game, so I can see some short bans for swears, longer for slurs. As for the ban, you are actually unbanned, as whoever put it in must had accidentally put a week in instead.
  2. Longer ban times for someone on purpose racking up multiple collisions in a way that demonstrates an intent to troll, allowing ban extensions for reported in evidence, extremely high speed collisions add additional ban length (think someone in a car going 150 kph on a two lane road veering completely head-on to a truck) None of this, however, can really change the gotta go fast attitude most EU2 drivers have being a cause of many collisions. For EU2 specifically, a 80 kph city limit?
  3. new truck for SP savefile, finally got enough XP for V8s and lots of wheels 


  4. hauling equipment way up north in promods map


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    2. caff!!!


      @DAN - mobilsoul

      4 Series Scania T - (will need the base mod here )

      The trailer is from the  Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack

      Not really needed but I also used the actual day/night mod and SiSL's Mega Pack for some very hard to see accessories on dash/window

      and forgot the tires, from this DLC

    3. DAN - mobilsoul

      DAN - mobilsoul

      Thanks moderator replies

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Scania T :) Nice :D Shame we can't get the Scania T in MP :(

  5. I'd say it's worth doing on the regular servers instead
  6. TruckersMP Real Operations

    I missed out on most of the event because my internet went sour, and that all I got was a TMP admin flying by with lights on and like 15 traffic holdups from bad overtakes or guardrail impacts. I felt like I was on a 2 lane C-D, and the many mergedowns and 1 lane through junctions didn't help with this feeling
  7. getting absurdly high ms on event server, what a bummer

  8. TruckersMP Real Operations

    should be a fun ride, free of trolls and people driving the wrong way in scouts.
  9. [SCS Blog] Italia: New Industries

    interesting paint job here
  10. my current MP truck, savehacked Iveco


  11. finally got enough XP in my SP save to get this nice "little" truck 



    1. LordBenji


      I don't know why but those Scania T reminds me of some kind of dog :P 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Nice :) Shame SCS never added the Scania T :( Would have been nice to have the Scania T in MP :P

    3. SVK :) MichalSk EUROPO
  12. Which gearbox you prefer ?

    In addition, having more gears helps control the truck's revs better so you can accelerate in a more economical fashion, or to keep speed on hills better (when hinting or manual shifting, in game automatic setting is awful at hills and efficiency).
  13. Which gearbox you prefer ?

    PowerShift G280-16 as ingame, switching between realistic auto/manual on 360 controller. Lots of gears for maintaining revs on hills, even if that speed is under 80 kph. Also, the 6 speed auto has a shorter highest gear than the 12 speeds, so in theory you can go faster using one, or at least not having to stop at every gas station.
  14. Screenshots!

  15. Screenshots!