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  1. From what I recall, none of the tires will grant extra grip in the snow due to it having a base reduced traction. The only thing that will help you is more drive axles and locked diffs. Also, a lot of the no grip sections got increased grip since I last played promods, except for only a few parts.
  2. Trolls are bad but most don't go anywhere but C-D so they can get on some fools of the road compilation video.
  3. Akureyri, Iceland. I love the cold and the thrill of driving on snow once again.
  4. A car that driven by someone who can stay in their own lane, although since the sim update I've seen way less of the crazy taxi car drivers
  5. Looks to be another great map expansion to buy day one, but honestly SCS could make a map DLC anywhere look great.
  6. Iveco Stralis, for it is the most powerful and best truck ever Mercedes Actros MP3, love the very 90's/early 2000's style of the vehicle and it's better than ever thanks to the tuning pack. As to ATS: Volvo VNL for having fun wide power band engines to drive, and once again the style suiting my taste over the other trucks (except the W900L, perhaps)
  7. Personally, I do see a surge of Promods players, but long term playerbase could be an issue since it relies on having all the DLC content and a large download to play it which may be impractical for say 90% of the current playerbase. I'd say some areas of going east can be quite bare at times, but the prospect of tricky roads could make the northern reaches an attraction even with less people around.
  8. Renault T at night (photo past click)


    1. DeyDoNN


      Looks nice 🍻

  9. my tag in game is "not recording" ;3
  10. It's most likely day of, considering I got special transit messages for Washington cities in the OB. Friday release?
  11. Scania 143H in the desert (photo past click)


  12. I already did my jobs, and having to go to into SP to finish in a reasonable amount of time got annoying
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