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  1. It's most likely day of, considering I got special transit messages for Washington cities in the OB. Friday release?
  2. Scania 143H in the desert (photo past click)


  3. I already did my jobs, and having to go to into SP to finish in a reasonable amount of time got annoying
  4. I can see the doubles allowed rules changing to allow doubles in said countries since it's now in the base game, but only when 1.35 is released.
  5. Tanker Actros low roof with an overdrive 12-speed
  6. Yeah, I doubt older trucks will be licensed with the only possible exception being Scania due to the company's relationship. You can kinda emulate the feel with a base engine Actros with a save edited 16 speed, but it won't have the torque curves said trucks had.
  7. Finished the event, time to drive in tech style (photo past click)unknown.png

  8. Not exactly. More axles mean more grip for the truck, with additional powered axles allowing more of your truck's torque to be put on the road. This applies to both gaining speed and to using transmission/engine brakes. Now, it is true that 8x4/6x4 chassis is heavier than a 4x2, but the increased weight, traction, and length does make it behave better past 90 kph and a better fit for any cargo past 20 tons as the weight can be better balanced. The various 6x2 axle configurations allow for either better trailer control (midlifts) or to cut turning radius at low speeds (taillift) which do have their uses, but not for being that person who flies past me at 150.
  9. The trailer doesn't spawn in Bratislava while it's the destination, so no cheeky delivery for you.
  10. Owned a few of the 18 wheels of steel games, but I didn't fully get into it until I got ETS2. Trying to play the older games again is quite rough compared to how refined the modern SCS games are.
  11. caff!!!

    Truck suggestion

    To add on to what @S p a r k i e said: I'd recommend a 16 speed in general, although the DAF ones make for better mixed use gearboxes. A 6x4/8x4 truck is pretty much a base requirement Learning how to manual shift, or use shift hinting will be extremely useful to carry speed Honestly, you'll be fine with a ~400 HP engine unless you haul up that one huge incline in Norway I wouldn't go past 80 with the trailers, the odd handling physics could catch you out easily
  12. The Tesla truck is interesting to drive (from a rough mod I made), but the IRL distance it could go is quite short for ATS map scale.
  13. Had someone park next to me before taking photos, so a euro 6 MAN group shot


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