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  1. steering wheel help

    In keyboard control settings, check if turning left and right are not assigned to wheel. I had same issue, unassigning them from wheel worked. You might want to check controller settings too.
  2. @Lorenita how can you be so salty for "bob and vagene"? You noe look like those fanboys of something you report if it isn't right.

    1. DerAmpelmann


      I wish you do realize how inappropriate that was. Would you like random people asking you for such pictures in-game? It might be funny few times (probably not), but when it happens all the time it's just annoying and disturbing.

      Maybe it's not that common in TMP, but in many online games it unfortunately is.

    2. FirestarteR93


      Such behaviour is not tolerated. If you want to complain about the ban, you can contact CM/PMs through


      (to be honest, You're lucky that this was not reported to me, because You would've been banned for a lot longer)

  3. Dream cars!

    Fiat Multipla
  4. How long does it take for support lead to review applications? I wrote app around 1,5 week ago and still nothing.

    1. scarface0359


      Chances are low you will hear back before the recruitment has ended.

    2. ThatCrazyPillow




      Our Support Team Leader might've already reviewed your Support Application, but haven't declined it yet. Due to excessive loads of Applications they receive, you've got to understand that they are busy selecting the right people for this job.

      Also, our Team Leaders are also just humans, they can't be doing this job 24/7.

    3. MushroomLTU


      @scarface0359 shouldn't it show status of application?

  5. I have a dowloanding problem

    Instead of choosing option to open rar on start of download, choose to extract.
  6. Are there any good and compatible with new version ETS2 map mods with great scenery and/or offroads? 

    1. caff!!!


      I like promods + rusmap

    2. MushroomLTU


      @caff!!! As much as I played it it's no great scenery for me. Sure, it's big, but nah...

  7. Add minimize button for launcher

    Maybe something to do quickly...?
  8. Suggestion Name: add minimize button for launcher Suggestion Description: add minimize button for launcher so we can minimize it. I know we can minimize trough context menu from task bar, but that needs a couple keys to be pressed (at least on Windows 10) and having minimize button would be easier. Any example images: no Why should it be added?: I don't really have a reason for this, but it's just a little simple thing most of executable programs do, and it may be useful sometimes.
  9. Suggestion Name: new server with enforced traffic rules Suggestion Description: add or change existing server and enforce traffic rules there, so anyone disobeying traffic rules can get actually punished, for example you must drive by the speed that is shown in GPS/road signs; you can only reach 90 km/h, you can't overtake at roads where it's not allowed and probably some others. People could report other people for disobeying rules. Any example images: no Why should it be added?: it would make everything more realistic and I think there are many people who want to play realistically, and they should have that chance.
  10. Title. Mine's a bit over 500 GB.
  11. New computer for ETS/ATS

    Trust me, GTX 930 is powerful enough. I only have GT 630M and can run some games on my TV with FullHD, while my PC only has 720p.
  12. New computer for ETS/ATS

    Anything around GTX 930 would work fine.
  13. Share your experience!

    What do you mean "share their experience/skills?"
  14. Getting Lag? Here's a fix!

    Who knows what GPU he has...
  15. Getting Lag? Here's a fix!

    So I multiply -mm_pool_size_400 by 2...? -mm_pool_size_400 x 2 = ???