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  1. Thanks for the follow!

    1. Cenaa


      No problem ^^

  2. Mr. Green Trucking Hello and welcome to Mr. Green Trucking. I will start with a little information about ourselves. Mr. Green Trucking is a company which have been made on 15th May 2017. The main purpose of it is to let friends drive together and we do have official weekly convoys and many more events. We are looking into making more. We have our "Discord server" which we use to chat and join voice channels while driving. Our past events and convoys: All of our screenshots taken by our drivers can be found here: https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/19688-ets2-screenshot-thread/page/2/ We also do videos on our YouTube channel for ETS2 which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJyY825rG4U Why you should join us? 800+ Discord Members. Giveaways and Events. Active community. Regular convoys. What are our requirements? You need to be 13 years old or above. You can't be banned in TruckersMP in the last 3 months You need to have at least 50 hours in ATS/ETS2. Respect the TruckersMP rules. Don't ram or block others. Be able to communicate in English Our links: Website: https://mrgreengaming.com Forums: https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/forum/77-truckersmp/ Discord: https://discord.gg/nJdFCn8 VTC: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/947
  3. Thanks for the follow back :D 

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      You're welcome ;) 

  4. You have a typo :D 



    Don't forget to contact us again if you have any problems in the duture!


    Glad I could help back :D xD 

    1. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      Thank you for your follow and welcome to DM me or our support team members when you have problems or submit a support ticket.

      Thank you for your correction.

      Have a nice day.:wub:

  5. Cenaa

    Game version

    Nope its not solved yet. I will open a ticket then. Thanks.
  6. Cenaa

    Game version

    Thats what I had in the first place, @Emilson' told me to change it so I did. In both cases its not working tho. Same goes to ATS btw
  7. Cenaa

    Game version

    So is everything correct? Because its still not working.
  8. Cenaa

    Game version

    ^ I did this "Steam> Library> Games> Ets 2> Properties> Betas> And select: None - Exit all beta versions". Also I have checked this topic. Nothing helpful.
  9. Cenaa

    Game version

    I need help for this. I have it for 1-2 weeks already. I can't play ETS2 at all. I reinstalled TruckersMP./ETS2 from steam. I also did go to properties in steam for the game and opt out from all betas. Idk what else to do. Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. Cenaa

    Mr. Green Trucking

    Glad to see an old member! Multi Theft Auto is still king!! Thanks as well!
  11. I finally did ETS2 video again, feedbacks and opinions are welcomed! 



  12. Cenaa

    Mr. Green Trucking

    We are recruiting more and more everyday! Join us! Website: https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/ Apply at: https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/forum/77-truckersmp/ Our VTM: http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/4581 Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/mrgreen Discord: None drivers can join, but they won't have access to any of the driver's channel. https://discord.gg/hXbrqmU
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