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  1. Mr. Green Trucking

    That is nice to see you here! Thanks for everyone else.
  2. Fastest Truck (with upgrades) in both games

    Scania I believe is the fastest. I still prefer to drive Volvo <3
  3. One of the best VTC ever. Proud former Viva CFO @[VIVA] Quad You are doing great work!
  4. [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea

    This DLC would be amazing!
  5. Real CB Mic

    This is really wonderful! I have a question. Would a VR work on multiplayer as well? If so, you are only missing a VR and you have EVERYTHING you need!
  6. Another new video in my channel! There is ETS2 video before this video. If you are interested go to my channel and take a look! (I have more ETS2 videos), but this one is different game :P



  7. Mr. Green Trucking

    Haha thank you
  8. Finally! Check us out! 



  9. Mr. Green Trucking

    Thank you! Everyone feel free to apply and have fun with us driving while chatting through discord and/or in our site!
  10. Uhm uhm.... Where to go... (Never even happens in ETS2 xD) 


    1. Shinzon_of_remes


      The moment of truth when everyone knows that once the light turns green you better floor it and hope for the best:D

    2. Cenaa


      Hahaha I never saw it in my whole life. I wanted to take a pic instant. 

  11. ATS most used truck

    Really good to know. I will take a look into them ingame
  12. ATS most used truck

    As the titles says. I don't play ATS much and idk much about the 2 truck companies either. Which truck is more used by drivers in ATS? I am just curious to know Also it would be nice if you tell/show us what do you drive!
  13. Do you drive without GPS?

    I tried it once. In a short distance only tho. It would be kinda "easy" if you can imagine the map and know where is each city, but it is hard to remember every city specially if you are going for a very long distance. I am interested into doing it again with myself, but I am not even European, Memorizing cities names is total another problem for me. I only know most of the cities in the west side of EU, the east, not really unfortunately
  14. It looks cool and nice!
  15. ETS2 Gift Trailer Mod

    Thats really nice! Thank you!