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  1. Hello, I am making a giveaway and you can join by just posting your nick here:  https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/20824-dlc-giveaway/


    Only ~12 hours remain. 

  2. Thanks for the follow!

    1. Cenaa


      No problem ^^

  3. Thanks for the follow back :D 

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      You're welcome ;) 

  4. You have a typo :D 



    Don't forget to contact us again if you have any problems in the duture!


    Glad I could help back :D xD 

    1. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      Thank you for your follow and welcome to DM me or our support team members when you have problems or submit a support ticket.

      Thank you for your correction.

      Have a nice day.:wub:

  5. Cenaa

    Game version

    Nope its not solved yet. I will open a ticket then. Thanks.
  6. Cenaa

    Game version

    Thats what I had in the first place, @Emilson' told me to change it so I did. In both cases its not working tho. Same goes to ATS btw
  7. Cenaa

    Game version

    So is everything correct? Because its still not working.
  8. Cenaa

    Game version

    ^ I did this "Steam> Library> Games> Ets 2> Properties> Betas> And select: None - Exit all beta versions". Also I have checked this topic. Nothing helpful.
  9. Cenaa

    Game version

    I need help for this. I have it for 1-2 weeks already. I can't play ETS2 at all. I reinstalled TruckersMP./ETS2 from steam. I also did go to properties in steam for the game and opt out from all betas. Idk what else to do. Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. I finally did ETS2 video again, feedbacks and opinions are welcomed! 



  11. I worked all night for this PUBG video :D Check it out please! 



  12. Thank you for following me mate :D 

    1. Cenaa


      No problem! 

  13. Check this out please :D 



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    2. Cenaa
    3. MrCipr


      But that TPP :(:troll:


    4. Cenaa


      Well, TPP is fun. I play FPP as well! When I am in the mood to play haha. I play TPP when I want to have fun :D 

  14. Hello, I need someone's help.


    I bought ETS2 for my brother few hours ago and finally when I downloaded the mod for him so him and I can drive together. Every time he connects it says. 


    Connection refused. You are not owner of some DLCs you use. How can I fix that? 


    Thanks in advance.

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    2. Cenaa


      Everything is on public already. 

    3. NeonLeon


      Ok, I would ask for help by making a support ticket here: support.truckersmp.com/

    4. Cenaa


      Yea I was thinking about that. Thank you for your time!! 

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