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  1. everyone going to kirkenes in promods on 25th is the only thing I want
  2. The game is now supported so you should opt out of all beta programs. Just check the picture I sent ^^
  3. Yes sir! You can use "virtual speeditor" and set custom jobs. I don't want to send links here but I am sure you can just search it and it is allowed in MP which we use in our VTC to set up same jobs ^^
  4. imo the video is too short to judge. The admin might have a better angle as he was there when it happened.
  5. Had the same problem but I just set it up again and it is working fine now.
  6. NONE. - Opt out of all betas because the latest update is already supported
  7. Reshade and SweetFX You can check this link >
  8. [TPH] +theo+


    Press Y then space enter. before or within 10 minutes in the game
  9. BBC Radio 1 and some local channels ^^
  10. I think you can't delete it but did you try editing it and removing the image you're saying?
  11. You need to verify integrity of game files which checks if there are missing files on the game. Check this link > https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335
  12. [TPH] +theo+

    ghost mode

    It turns off automatically after a few seconds when you log in or reload a save.
  13. As long as you're not doing anything then you shouldn't worry. You don't need to pull over just drive correctly and stay in your lane. Just because they are game moderators they are always right. There is a feedback system for a reason for game moderators who are abusive you can report them there.
  14. It is about how long you have been registered to the forum e.g Veteran 1 = 1 year Veteran 2 = 2 years and so on. In addition you can check this link for the "rank: no cargo section" https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65323-what-is-the-forum-rank/
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