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  1. Whenever I try to put an image via a link into the forum, the link field turns red. There is also no bin icon next to the attachment so I cannot delete it.
  2. I can't edit it out of the old message because it was a part of a VTC thread that has since been archived and removed. Even using a link, you require the allowance in the first place to be allowed to link files of a certain size (presumably to aid page loading time).
  3. This is perhaps not the correct place to ask this, but is there any way to delete old forum image attachments? I have one on my account from 2017 that's taking up almost my entire allowance of kB. Is there anything to be done about? Thanks.
  4. I completely agree with @TurklerRS. I've been a member and senior staff member within a few VTC's for several years now and this topic is discusses fairly frequently. All in all, we agree that it would just make the download size either ridiculously huge or support so few VTC's that it gives those who do have a skin more of an unfair advantage than what they already have. You also say this will help to prevent impersonators, I believe no such thing, if anything you're making it easier for them. Even if VTC skins were ever added, there would be no control over who can get to see what (as there isn't now for who can see the police vehicle skin), and there is no way VTC's could ever truly provide a full list of members to TMP. Members in VTC's come and go all the time. At least right now with impersonators they have to just guess to get as close to your skin as possible. Further to this, it would completely destroy the repaints menu, especially if hundreds of VTC's signed up to such a service which, inevitably, they would.
  5. Suggestion Name: Add Time Frame for Suggestion Discussions Suggestion Description: What I mean is there is currently no end date for suggestions to be discussed. This means that there are posts from at least two years ago still in the 'open for discussion' segment of the forums. It would be nice if there was some end date for the discussions and then for the topic to be moved to either approved or declined. Any example images: N/a Why should it be added?: The fact that people suggesting these ideas on the forums have no end in sight for there suggestions is somewhat deterring. This also makes TMP look stagnant and in my opinion there's really no need to be discussing suggestions for two years.
  6. If your loading time is greater than the AFK kick timer then you will be kicked automatically since you 'haven't moved'. If you wait before boarding a ferry for a significant time perhaps try typing before actually using the ferry. Hopefully that will fix the problem.
  7. Yes I have the exact same issue, very annoying!
  8. Best of luck with the event! Glad to see this series continuing!
  9. Happy weekend! Looking forward to RLE's event on Sunday!

  10. I believe you are correct, if you want to do a WOTR job with someone you have to select it at the exact same time otherwise it disappears. Therefore I'll +1 this idea, having been director of events at a couple of different VTC's we've used your synch program over anything else, it's a lot easier to install and use than virtual speditor or other such programs, but I'm frequently responding to issues with installation. If this was integrated into MP it would be a lot simpler not just to drive with people (which is surely the whole idea of TMP) but also to do convoys and large scale events. I can see the point which is the sync program already exists, as does Virtual Speditor so why does this need to be incorporated into TMP itself? Well, as I alluded to some people struggle to install this kind of software, or if you're new and you find someone in game to hang out with you're not going to want to be told 'go install this software so we can get the same jobs together'. I think it'd be a shame to turn a blind eye to such great software that makes it a lot more user friendly and as David says; surely is in line with what TMP's whole goal is. The long and short of it is +1, good work as always David.
  11. I agree with what @Krewlex has said. The option to turn horns off already exists, if it's that much of a problem. Personally I don't see how a horn spam auto kick could work, because if it's simply 'oh you're horn's been on for x amount of time, you must be kicked' that wouldn't really work since most people who do blast their horn do so in bursts rather than a sustained chorus. Either way it seems an awful lot of effort for something that you can just untick and make your world that little bit quieter.
  12. Wishing everyone a very happy 4th of January ;)

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