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American Truck Simulator Companies

Here you can put your company advertisements for the American Truck Simulator Multiplayer modification. If you are company CEO you can request deleting advertisements by asking a Community Manager.

Want to spread the word about your company to the public? Advertise it in this section and gather interest from fellow truckers!


This is the place to Advertise your Virtual Trucking Company within the Community. We encourage you to advertise your company. Should you have any questions or need guidance, contact the Community Managers. 

Here are the following requirements that need to be met for the post to be approved in this section. Please make sure you meet them before submitting your post.


Only a member of the Company Management has the right to create a topic about their Virtual Trucking Company.


The post owner should:

  • Have at least 20 useful posts on the forum. 
  • Be registered on the forum for at least two weeks.
  • Have not been previously warned on our Forum. 


The Virtual Trucking Company should:

  • Have at least a few drivers.
  • Contain unique content; Name or Company Logo. 
  • Include sufficient information such as Contact Information (Discord, Teamspeak) and Company information or Possible convoys and recruitment.
  • Have Relevant media including a functioning website (Facebook page is sufficient).
  • Additionally include: Company Management information.


Any relevant media under the advert such as Convoy screenshots or similar should be posted in a spoiler, otherwise might be hidden.


The Virtual Trucking Company topic must show that there has had been plentiful amounts of effort put into the creation of the topic. Content such as Website, logo, formatting or name should be unique to the company. Even if your topic follows all guidelines, it still may not be accepted as it could be deemed under several requirements we have purposefully not listed. However, in that sense, we may also approve topics which do not meet some of the requirements listed.


Having a company additionally allows you to gain a discord tag in our public guild, with access to an international communication point with all the company owners from around the world! 


- Topics inactive over one month will be moved to company archives -


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