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American Truck Simulator Companies

Here you can put your company advertisements for the American Truck Simulator Multiplayer modification. If you are company CEO you can request deleting advertisements by asking a Community Manager.

Are you interested in advertising your ETS2 VTC company? Look no further!


Before posting a new topic regarding the advertisement of a Virtual Trucking Company, the Company should meet the following guidelines:


The only individual, which can create a topic about a Virtual Trucking Company, is the Company Owner.


The owner of the Virtual Trucking Company should:

  • Have a few useful posts on the forum;
  • Be registered on the forum for about two weeks.


The Virtual Trucking Company should:

  • Have at least five drivers;
  • Have a unique name that is not impersonating any real existing company;
  • Optional: Have a logo that is unique and does not infringe on any copyright or trademarks.


The Virtual Trucking Company topic has to include the following:

  • Sufficient contact information such as TeamSpeak, Discord, Skype or Email;
  • Images of the trucks and possible convoys/events;
  • Optional: An own website.



The Virtual Trucking Company topic must show that there has had been plentiful amounts of effort put into the creation of the topic. Even if your topic follows all guidelines, it still may not be accepted as it could be deemed under several requirements we have purposefully not listed. However, in that sense, we may also approve topics which do not meet all of the guidelines.



- Topics inactive over one month will be moved to company archives -