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  1. Transporting Diesel in the New Mexico DLC.
  2. We had our first own 1.35 convoy and we explored the beautiful revisited Germany.
  3. Today we attended TruckersFM's June convoy. We would like to thank you guys for the great convoy and for having us. See you on the next one!
  4. Today we transported not one, but two cargos, forklifts and yachts from Amsterdam to Graz.
  5. Today the falconites attended RomaniaElite's 3rd Anniversary. Here are some pics.
  6. Today we transported some Pallets from Kayenta to Tucson.
  7. Today the falconites attended Bangladesh Sentinel Truckers 2nd year Anniversary Convoy. For more pictures see our post on our other social-media sites.
  8. Transporting milk from Clovis to Gallup in New Mexico.
  9. Falconites transporting food from Bialystok to Szeged.
  10. Falconites transporting bulldozers from Eureka to Bakersfield.
  11. Today we transported motor oil from Rostock to Bratislava.
  12. Check out our 100th twitter post.
  13. Check out today's convoy and our 100th tweet.
  14. We hit 150 followers on twitter! We would like to thank everyone who followed!