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Viva Trucking is dedicated to each driver and everyone is part of a unique and special team. Our top-notch website makes Viva Trucking very real as if you were an actual truck driver! With our app working in the progress, we always make the experience better. Each driver has a personalized account, just like in the real world. Do not miss this rare opportunity in becoming the best. For more information, you can contact Viva Trucking Customer Support via our website. We are glad to help you become successful. 


Best regards, darkshadow914 

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4 hours ago, Cajun said:

well its been almost a week and everyday i go on the discord and mp and never seen anyone on discord or the game or anything so idk, today the first day anyone even put a message on discord just to give an excuse of why they are not on but i guess any excuse is better than none 


I apologize for the inconvenience. Please note that we are a small developing company and the discord hasn't done such a good job with connecting all of our drivers together. So we have switched to a TeamSpeak server. Hopefully this helps with the issues we are facing.

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14 hours ago, bEEpNOX14 said:

I have applied and awaiting response. I messed up on my application. I set my TruckersMP name to watermalonecat on the Application, when it's supposed to be bEEpNOX14. My apologies. 

No problem. Applications can take up to 24 hours, but they are usually handled every few hours. Hopefully that helps and hope to see you part of the team!

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