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  1. viva was breached

    1. darkshadow914


      No it was not, Quad decided to erase the whole discord and claimed it as a "breach"

    2. Caricature


      hmmmmmm q still with his lies after lies after lies? :mellow:

    3. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      Please sort this out between your VTC members :) 

  2. what's phenomenal transport?

  3. anyone know any vtcs hiring? I'm waiting on one but if they deny me i'm available

    1. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      I believe Soarfly is still recruiting.. 

  4. what is the accessories database system?
  5. I sent you a message and will be waiting for your response have a wonderful evening

  6. I'm in the market for a vtc and cannot join yours but asking do you know any others?

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    2. jacoblovekw


      Have a good one

    3. Magma_Crafter


      You can try to apply to WWTL on the ATS companies page. so far we are ATS only but will start ETS soon. No guarantees you will make it in. The current person who tests recruits is kinda picky.

    4. Djinsomnia


      @MrCreeper Thats where you are wrong because we have denied this guys application multiple times aswell so we do not accept just anyone. 



  7. I Am officially leaving all vtcs that I'm apart of!!!

  8. Cannot wait to join in 3 months :(

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