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  1. i like my 10 speed. enough range for most work
  2. There is no arcade server for ATS... but yea, i agree with you. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, the few bad apples kinda messes things up for everyone.
  3. i agree with ^^. the speed limiter shouldn't kick in on the freeways. even if it goes through a city.
  4. ah, ok, thanks. other than that, game runs good
  5. Whenever i take Freight Market job with triple trailers(in a state that allows them of course) in ATS, i get kicked for too many trailers. Why is this happening? For example i took, empty pallets from Eugene, OR to Bend OR. and still got kicked.
  6. nope, problem fixed. thank you. can be moved to solved
  7. when i try to boot up TMP, i get this error. I've already uninstalled and re-installed TMP. Any thoughts? Cannot find required file: ("C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP/data/ats/mods/PinkConvoy.mp") ! Reinstall the multiplayer mod.
  8. it shows it online as of right now...
  9. i'll definitely buy it, first thing
  10. yes, it was answered. Thanks guys
  11. Is fuel cheaper at owned garages or no? Also, are the prices the same state to state? Simple question, lol. I think I read somewhere fuel prices vary state to state, but can't confirm.
  12. I think the front end is kinda just hinged. ( I work on buses in Real life) Yes, there is air suspension on daycabs too, i used to drive(in real life of course one daycab that had cab air suspension, and another that didn't, only had a rubber mount.
  13. American trucks do have independent cab suspension, its just not modeled ingame at all.
  14. ok, thats what i thought. I just wanted to double check since I think there is a lot of confusion about this at the moment...
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