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  1. Version 5.6.0 has been released. It supports: ETS2 1.35: Scandinavia Going East! Vive la France! Italia Beyond the Baltic Sea High Power Cargo Pack Heavy Cargo Pack ATS 1.35: New Mexico Oregon Washington Heavy Cargo Pack Forest Machinery Download: https://github.com/davidsantos-br/ETS2Sync-Helper-4/releases Please note that syncing the cargo market isn't supported (and won't ever be unless SCS changes the way that information is stored in the save file) and Steam Cloud profiles aren't supported (yet—those might be supported in the future, though that's not certain).
  2. I don't think so. The contents of the cargo market aren't directly placed into the save like the contents of the freight market are, so they can't be replaced by the program. Unless SCS changes the way the cargo market is saved or someone figures out the algorithm behind converting the random seeds (which are saved—those are series of random numbers that the game uses as a basis to generate the cargo market jobs) into job lists, this won't be possible.
  3. If your profile hasn't been found the most likely cause is because the profile is saved on the Steam cloud. Steam cloud profiles are not supported yet.
  4. I'm posting here a bit late because the topic was locked. I asked for it to be unlocked but I didn't see the message informing me when that was done. Version 5.5.0 has been released (on March 10, almost a month ago). It supports: ETS2 1.34: Scandinavia Going East! Vive la France! Italia Beyond the Baltic Sea High Power Cargo Pack Heavy Cargo Pack ATS 1.34: New Mexico Oregon Heavy Cargo Pack Download: https://github.com/davidsantos-br/ETS2Sync-Helper-4/releases I might be able to make that work, yes. I can't guarantee it, but I'm expecting that to be one of the features of the next version.
  5. Just so you all know, updating this app takes some time and some work. That is why I decided not to upgrade it for 1.32 until the Oregon DLC is released. That way I don't have to upgrade it twice. I don't know how much time it will take to upgrade the app after the Oregon DLC is released (and it might take me a week or two to put together the money to buy the DLC once it's out), because I haven't looked into how the trailer ownership feature is implemented and how it might affect the sync process. Also, I've been pretty busy with work and truth be told I haven't really played ETS2/ATS in over a year (and in the rare event that I do play, it's in single-player). So, I will update the app (assuming SCS didn't change things too much), but it might take a little while.
  6. Actually, I think I should have made it clearer back then, but my app hasn't used the ETS2Sync.com job lists for over a year now. If you sync from the website and someone else syncs using the app, you'll notice you'll get completely different jobs. Their server went offline around December 30, 2016, and I didn't know how long it would take for it to come back up, so I started using my own job lists (that I extract from the game myself) for ETS2Sync Helper. So, ever since then, my app has nothing to do with ETS2Sync.com at all, except for the name. Maybe I should change it? TruckSync Helper, maybe?
  7. According to the app, you have the save format set to text, but the save you're trying to sync was created in binary format. If you changed the save format to text by editing the config.cfg file or using the option in the app while the game was running, that won't work. Close the game and the app, reopen the app, and see if it still says that the save format is text. If that is not the issue, then you need to make sure that the profile and save selected in the app are the ones you are using, and that you created a new save (“Save & Load → Save Game”) AFTER changing the save format to text. — De acordo com o programa, o formato do save está como texto, mas o save que você está tentando sincronizar foi criado em formato binário. Se quando você mudou o formato do save para texto—editando o config.cfg ou usando a opção no programa—o jogo já estava aberto, não vai funcionar. Feche o jogo e o programa, abra o programa novamente, e veja se ele ainda diz que o formato do save é texto. Se não for esse o problema, então você precisa se certificar que o perfil e o save selecionados no programa são os que você está usando, e que você criou um save novo (“Salvar e Carregar → Salvar Jogo”) DEPOIS de ter mudado o formato do save para texto.
  8. No need. The fixes were made on the server where the job lists are downloaded from, so the current version of the app should work.
  9. I'm so sorry. It was an oversight on my part. I have two setups for retrieving the job lists from the server. One is the production setup, used by everyone, and the other is for testing (so I don't disrupt the real one when I'm figuring out a problem or testing a fix). I was using the testing setup to fix this problem. Once it was fixed, I tested it thoroughly and didn't have any problems. But then I forgot to copy the correction from the testing setup to the production setup (the one used by everyone). That's why when I tested it it worked, but when everyone else tried it, it still failed. This has been fixed now. @thomasdavid097, please try again and let me know (with a new log) if it still fails.
  10. @thomasdavid097, apparently the game refused the job offers in the synced save because it couldn't find the “caravan” trailer. Were you on TruckersMP when you tried? Because of the caravan, loading a synced save on single player won't work anymore.
  11. The issue is fixed. Syncing should now work normally for all DLCs. A new version of the app was NOT released because that wasn't necessary: all changes were made on the server that contains the job lists.
  12. I'm working on fixing compatibility with 1.31 now. The job lists and game data on the server have been updated. You can follow the progress here: https://github.com/davidsantos-br/ETS2Sync-Helper-4/issues/31 I probably won't need to release a new version of the app. For now, you can sync as long as you don't select the Scandinavia DLC on the app. I'm working on the filters on the server to fix the issue with Scandinavia.
  13. Apparently this new version introduced incompatible changes regarding Scandinavia (at least). I'll work on it as soon as I have the time. In the meantime, you can do as @Fanatico suggests and leave the DLC checkboxes unchecked.
  14. @videographer MoFan, can you post a screenshot of the error message? I couldn't find anything meaningful with just the error code.
  15. It must have been a temporary problem, since it's working now. In any case, if that link stops working for any reason, the app can also be downloaded from this link: https://github.com/davidsantos-br/ETS2Sync-Helper-4/releases
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