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  1. I can't wait to see this truck in future updates! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hello! I use the voice navigation function, I chose the female voice! Looking at the responses to this post, I get the feeling that people prefer to be without GPS voice guidance.
  3. Thank for the follow!

  4. Hello! The choice of trucks depends on the choices of the people, their needs concerning the types of deliveries, design... I think what people are interested in is maybe the design, the amount of customization people can do on their truck and the speed of it. Personally, I use a DAF truck. Regarding the speed of the trucks I have already done different tests and I did not find any difference beetween Scania and Volvo, but that is only my opinion! Everyone is free to choose the truck they want.
  5. Thank for the follow!

  6. Hello! I prefer DAF trucks, especially the DAF 2021 model. Why ? Because I find that this truck is ideal if you want to drive without GPS (this model of truck already has GPS) and without mirrors, it already has mirrors integrated into the truck, which is rather practical. I think it's a good truck model if you want to do a good simulation. My current truck:
  7. It seems to me that the people handling the reports are the moderators of the reports. When we go to the TruckersMP team page, we can see that there are only three people who are moderating the report. I think that may be the problem, a lack of staff in the report moderating team. What do you think?
  8. Hello! Indeed, the moderation team does its best to process the reports and indeed, the time to process the various reports can be long. In my opinion, more personnel are needed in the moderation team. Afterwards, I would like to point out that during holiday periods, TruckersMP staff is surely smaller than outside holiday periods, which is rather logical. Remember: More staff in the moderation team, even if more staff requires more training and therefore more staff for the training of new moderators.
  9. Thanks for the follow! ? 

  10. Hello, Are you talking about service stations, where trucks are refueled? Do you wish there were service stations for buses? Because with regard to a possible bus station, it seems to me that there are already bus stations for buses. This is where we pick up passengers. I have to admit that I'm having a little trouble understanding your question...
  11. Hello ! I took the time to answer the community survey! I find this survey very important for the evolution and the future of TruckersMP. For others, don't hesitate to fill out the community survey, again, it's important!
  12. This announcement is very good news! Congratulations to those who developed all this work. Without these people, this novelty would not have seen the light of day.
  13. Bonjour, Pas mal de personnes ont fait une présentation, je vais donc aussi faire ma présentation. Mon pseudonyme sur TruckersMP est BloomFriendly, j'ai 18 ans. Je connais ETS2 depuis presque 4 ans, je joue encore beaucoup aujourd'hui. J'aime bien les jeux de simulations, comme ETS2 par exemple. J'ai rejoins la communauté de TruckersMP en décembre 2018, cela fera donc 4 ans en décembre 2022 ! Je n'ai pas rejoins de VTC ni j'en ai créé une. Sur TruckersMP, je parle Français et Anglais (surtout en Anglais sur TruckersMP, puisqu'il s'agit de la langue de base). Je vais souvent dans des villes/routes où qu'il y a du monde mais aussi dans des endroits tranquilles. Dans mes commencements sur ETS2, je jouais avec un clavier et une souris, aujourd'hui je joue avec un volant et pédale (G29). Et enfin, dans la vraie vie, je ne travaille ni je suis à l'école (raisons personnelles que je n'évoquerai pas ici). Je pense avoir fait le tour des éléments essentiels à dire. Merci de votre lecture.
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