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  1. I reported some people for blocking and ramming be for 5 minutes straight, and it said i needed to submit valid evidence on the website, i have valid evidence just dont know where to submit it. I wish i could upload it here but the max file size is only 0.5MB and i have 2 clips each 1 minute long.
  2. Is there a way for me and my friends to take the same jobs and drive together? There are 3 of us and all of us get different jobs from the same companies. Do we have to be same level or have the same skills or is there an alternative?
  3. My friend bought it and said he kept getting kicked because he was not a moderator. So this means only moderators can drive it? That doesnt seem right considering the scout is the 1st to pop up in every dealership and people buy it just to be let down when they cant drive it. How do you become a moderator btw?
  4. I did quite a few deliveries with the scania already tho, so do you think ill have my volvo back at least present in the game if i reinstall?
  5. I was in the tuning shop, i was lvl 2 at that time so i hadnt unlocked anything yet but i was looking at the tyres. The ones fit on my truck were trailmaster i believe and above them was this thing with the ets2 logo called "18in". Out of curiosity i tried to fit it but it said "fh16" isnt compatible with this..." and it asked me would i like to remove "fh16". Out of curiosity i said yes and a red scania r 2009 replaced my fh16 out of nowhere. When browsing trucks i can only find the fh16 globetrotter 2009 and not the regular one. Does this mean the regular fh16 has been removed from my game? Do i need to reinstall the whole game or is there an alternative to fixing this issue?
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