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  1. When you activate snow mod do you join other people with it or it just shows on your screen only?
  2. There is this bran that starts with a K you can use it for wheels and cargo but i put it on its like grey and i see other people with it on and this 1 trailer its like red and the texture missing from the shadow from the trailer how i fix it?
  3. @Baratako I belive i been scrolling passed it the whole time i found it now so ima just add my own music to the music folder|Topic Closed/Solved
  4. @Baratako I disabled it already and i wanted to add multiplayer mods if possible
  5. @Baratako I right click on my steam but it is a shortcut not the actual thing can i have the exact location ? @Baratako I found it it was called New Folderr but i went in remote and just saw profiles is that good?
  6. I need help with finding out how to find my Euro Truck Simulator 2 in my documents i already tried Hidden Folders and it did not show me it.
  7. @Soul Knight I have already solved it by downloading money mod in single player and now i have over 7B+ in multiplayer.
  8. Im downloading Ets to play Multiplayer only,How would i find a starterprofile with lots of Cash and Xp on it?
  9. @ASIR [CZE] Thanks for the feedback I got it working i just opened it as administrator and it worked perfectly
  10. I open TruckersMP and press on Launch ATS.It does the regular launch like it does for playing Solo i already tried re installing steam ats and TruckersMP. And also i believe TruckersMP is a mod and any mods i put in mod folder threw documents don't work and it works with the latest version that i have
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