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  1. I hate how most of you people live in Europe! Every time I hop on you’re all asleep and the servers are dead! Haha, just kidding. The thing I hate is people baiting for an overtake, especially on the CD road: A common case I come across are people who sit at 30KM and as I eventually become impatient I overtake. They would then speed up to 110KM while I’d be on the wrong side of the road and ultimately end up crashing into someone and being “recorded” for “inappropriate overtaking”. Please don’t do this, it’s so toxic and should be bannable.
  2. That's not going to happen. Scout cars 90% of the time are CD road trolls and are mainly there for controlling convoys and it wouldn't make sense if they are faster than the trucks. Speed limits of all vehicles should remain how they are now or they'll be a huge raise in accidents because people love going 120 around tight bends and ultimately end up flipping over other people.
  3. I joined TMP back in 2015 in the Europort days. I love the community because it’s a big international family but we’re all here because we all have a passion about trucking.
  4. I think they look dope but I find driving doubles are more fun as they come with extra challenge.
  5. I thought honking was the way to say hello but I guess imagine 100 people doing that on CD road. Thanks for answering my question fellas
  6. Ayyy, welcome to the forums :D

  7. It all depends on the community, and it takes time. Rotterdam and Amsterdam used to be the towns of complete chaos but now over many years it has shifted towards Calais and Duisburg. The reason these cities get big , especially Calais is because it connects England and the rest of the map together.
  8. More videos is more promotion and exposure for the network. Plus, these content creators will get people banned by reporting them if they feel like it was a really bad offence.
  9. I started back in 2014-2015 and I was like 10. It felt so different then, the community seemed a bit smaller. Anyone here that joined in the early days remember Rotterdam europort? It was so fun.
  10. G’day you legends. I just a bit curious on why people flash high beams as I go past them. I’ve been on TruckersMP since 2016 but only really began to pick up that tones of people flash their high beams as they go past, normally on the C/D road. Is there a reason for this? Down here in Australia, it’s used as a friendly warning to slow down due to police/speed cameras and related stuff. But, let’s face it, truckersMP don’t have police stops/cameras, you know. So I was wondering, what does it mean when people flash their beams at me? Are they saying hello or trying to tel
  11. I have sent a ticket, Before any staff locks this, can we have it open until the issue is solved? Just encase any fellow members suggest a solution! Thanks :3
  12. @CrackPrewier that direction doesn't work, I've also tried 1.30 just incase. I will look into those threads, thanks all. Updated* Those tutorials don't help. ResTeds post is windows seven which I don't have and that video under it is, not English. I tried some other posts but they only refer to changing the game version to NONE. Incredibly strange, I will keep hunting. Updated Twice* I have found no solution. Any other ideas?
  13. Hey guys. Me again, after years I have come back to trucking ;P but... https://imgur.com/a/XxU3fWz I don't know what to do.
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