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Status Updates posted by General18

  1. Rest in Peace Speedy ? You will be missed ♥️

  2. Thank you all for an amazing Real operations 11 event ? 

    I'm already looking forward to the next Real ops event ♥️

    Here's a picture from the Staff photoshoot ?


  3. Congratulations, and welcome to the team :) ♥️

    1. AllstarDK


      Thank you so much General :) ❤️

  4. We'll all miss you Mighty ?

    1. MightyPower


      I will be back someday, do not worry ^.^


  5. Congrats on your promotion Soul ?

  6. Congrats Mystere!!! ❤️

    Good luck with your new role ?

    1. Mystere


      Thank you General! ❤️

  7. Thank you to everybody, who showed up for the June Official convoy! It was absolutely amazing, and definitely not my last official convoy ? I want to thank the Event team, and the Game Moderator team, for maintaining the event so well ?


    Glad that I made it in, to truck with these amazing people: @Emma.x @Beenz. and @jjmartin, and all the other players out there, including you, who stopped to let Beenz, Emma, martin and I, back into the convoy. BIG? for you :D 


    I also want to thank @Beenz. paired with @Koneko, for helping at the beginning, and then, after the convoy, @Koneko for taking the time, for a little photo shoot at the end with all of us! :D





    // First status update, ever ? (Finally XD)

    1. Emma.


      Had a great time :) 

    2. Koneko


      how dare you to double ping me :kappa:

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