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  1. I'm live now on Twitch, driving on ProMods into the weekend 🚚 //
    Ich bin jetzt live auf Twitch und fahre auf ProMods ins Wochenende 🚚




  2. Hello @BlueLivesMatter, Has your question been answered with the above given answers? Your confirmation of the status of your issue helps us to keep the forum in an organised manner. I look forward to your response Best Regards, Polyxena [GER] TruckersMP - Trial Support
  3. Hey there, Thank you very much for the confirmation that your problem has been solved! I will go on and move this topic to the "solved" section then. Thanks @V.i.c.t.o.r. for your assistance and I wish all of you a nice day . If you have any other questions / problems in the future, please don't hesitate to create a new topic here or contact us via the support system: https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create Kind regards, Polyxena [GER] TruckersMP Trial Support //locked and moved the topic to "solved"
  4. Hello @AdrianDunn288, Your topic has been inactive for 3 days since the last reply. Because of inactivity, I will have to move this topic to Inactive Topics. If you have any further queries, feel free to DM me or another Support Team member and we will open this topic as per your request. Thanks to all participation. Kind regards, Polyxena [GER] TruckersMP - Trial Support //Locked and Moved to Inactive
  5. Congrats and welcome to the pink team 🎉 :)!


    1. Winter~


      ty @Polyxena [GER] ❤️ , Feels great to be part of this team

  6. Thanks for your follow :) !


  7. Thanks for your follow :) !

  8. Hallo @Jannes 1503, Schön zu lesen, dass die Antwort geholfen hat und ein großes Dankeschön an Rafał (GER) an dieser Stelle! Ich werde diesen Post jetzt schließen und in die Kategorie "Gelöst" verschieben. Solltest du zu irgendeinem Zeitpunkt nochmals ein Problem oder eine Frage zum Spiel oder TruckersMP haben, kannst du gerne einen neuen Beitrag verfassen oder uns per Support Ticket direkt erreichen. Für schnelle Tipps lohnt es sich manchmal auch unserer Knowledge-Base zu durchsuchen. Die Knowledge-Base findest du hier: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Polyxena TruckersMP Trial Support //Geschlossen und zu Gelöst verschoben
  9. Hallo Rafał (GER), Konnte deine Frage mit Hilfe des oben genannten Kommentars beantwortet werden? Deine Bestätigung des Status deiner Frage hilft uns dabei, das Forum immer organisiert zu halten. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Polyxena [GER] TruckersMP Trial Support
  10. congratulation for promotion😍

    1. Polyxena [GER]

      Polyxena [GER]

      Thank you very much :) !


  11. Hello there, I'm glad to hear that your question has been solved. Since you got the answer, i will go ahead and move this topic to solve topics. If you have anymore issue in the future, feel free to contact us again! Sincerely, Polyxena [GER] TruckersMP - Trial Support //Locked and moved to Solved Topics
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