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  1. Jeg undrer mig over at man skriver titlen på Dansk, men skriver indholdet på Engelsk.
  2. Congrats on 2 years!

  3. 2 years and still going. Damn time flies

    1. Fast-rider


      Just like a huge nub :kappa::HaulieSus:

    2. Soul_Less


      Sounds like you're looking in the mirror again, nub-rider.

  4. Rest in peace Speedy, you will be missed ?

  5. Hello there, and thanks for the follow.

  6. Hello there, and thanks for the follow.

  7. Thanks for the follow nub PepeLaugh PepeLove

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    2. Caernage


      No problem nubless @Soul_Less :kappa:

      @DarkScream[TR] Indeed we imagine :troll:

    3. HandOfClash


      @Soul_Less   @Caernage 


      Thanks for the follow 898595185280307250.webp?size=96&quality=lossless 934421237529198613.gif?size=96&quality=lossless 927937459185131520.webp?size=96&quality=lossless

    4. HandOfClash
  8. Thanks for the follow PepeLove

  9. Good evening to you ! 

  10. Belated Happy Burfday, Soulie ❤️ 

    Hope you had an AMAZING day my dear ?

  11. Happy Birthday!

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