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  1. Hello, My least favourite truck brands have to be Renault and Iveco. They both have quite noisy engines and their acceleration isn't very good. Also the interior of both of the trucks isn't the best either which puts me off them.
  2. Hello, There are some nice roads in France with beautiful scenery, but i have to say the best road to drive down in the base map is between Milan and Zurich. Its a lovely twisty road and you can have a lot of fun going down it
  3. Hello, This is a good idea and think it would make the game more realistic, however in busy areas where you would need this like in a real life situation, probably wouldn't work. There are some drivers who would just take advantage of this. This would need a lot of people to work in the team together for this to have the best impact which could be hard to do
  4. Emma.x

    Overtake C-D

    Normally I just follow the speed limits and the truck in front of me, however if the road is quiet and they are going extremely slow I sometimes overtake if I feel its safe enough too
  5. Recently i have been interested in discovering the map more with friends and would like to know the most interesting roads to drive on
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