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  1. I'm literally sat here right now in a queue of 195,000 people to book a driving test...


    I have a good feeling I will only be driving on ETS and ATS for a while, help!

  2. I love this idea... I also made a post about this a couple of months back. Personally, I can see this helping an awful lot, especially in those busy areas.
  3. I do for sure love this feature - Love to see TruckersMP working close with us lot at TFM
  4. Woah, Its been a crazy time!


    I'm back now, its been a wild time recently with lock-down etc and doing a lot of school work from home just building up so much of my time - However, I've finished all of it now!


    I cant' wait to post some more posts on the forums, hope everyone has stayed safe and well <3

  5. Dan_TFM

    Mack Truck!

    Are you liking the new truck! Are you excited to try it out?! Whats your favourite feature
  6. Hello, Thank for commenting on my post! This would be amazing! Hello, Hahaha, love it ! I would, however, I don't have enough posts to be able to write a suggestion at the moment!
  7. That is perfect! For sure, forum post suggestions will change from time to time and will get adapted but that would be such a good idea. Imagine someone blocking a road, I had a similar siutation the other day on the CD road, there was no Game Moderators about and we were all sat there for 30 mins, times aren't fun when that happens... Therefore, having the ability to vote kick or vote to ban would make the game so much better.
  8. Hello! Thats so great to hear, thank you very much for keeping me updated - That would be great if they can find a way around this as it would be amazing
  9. Hello, On the other hand, this could also be something which can be added to the actual game side of things like what the Game Moderators have in-game. Furthermore, this can be done - TMP has recently seen record breaking numbers on their servers, they have hundreds of applications from people who have an interest in Game Moderation. This would reduce the number of timed out requests as its still bringing something to the game for people to monitor reports. For example, someone who has parked up in-game, on their tab it could have a notification which says how many reports have been sent in. There are thousands of people playing this on the servers so I reckon it would be achievable. Thanks for your view on this. At the end of the day I'm just trying to introduce new ideas and thinking outside the box - People will have their own views. On the other hand, if this doesn't happen then maybe the applications to become a GM will open again?
  10. An Easier Way To Get Reckless Drivers Off The Road Have you ever been driving then a reckless driver comes past and damages you and they should be banned? You then go on and report them via the TMP Tab, soon after it comes up with a message telling you that your report has been timed out. Therefore, the reckless driver will get away with it... This has happened to all of us right? My new suggestion - Introducing a new system called 'TMP Overwatch': If you have played games in the past you may have seen it includes a feature on the game for the loyal and dedicated users, a feature which allows the player to look at reports in detail and to decide if the player should have action taken against them. Furthermore, CSGO has this option and only a select amount of players are giving this feature, the players have to have no previous ban records and no reports against their name. The over watch feature doesn't let ONE person vote against someone then they get banned, it would be an average vote from 10 people, then the decision will be made. I strongly feel so many people are getting away with being either a troll on the roads or just being generally reckless. This new feature will also give the players experience, so then when Game Moderator applications open this will be an amazing point to write down saying they've worked in this unit before so they know what they're looking out for. How the overwatch feature will work: This will be an invite only process. Requirements for this will be similar for the Game Moderator applications. The player needs to be active on forums and have over 1000 hours in game with a maximum of 3 bans. There will be a tab displayed on the players TMP profile giving them access to reports which happen live, they will be given the footage from the game and the same report will be given to 5 overwatchers, they will then vote and write down their opinion to why the person should be banned. I strongly feel there isn't enough Game Moderators out on the road at certain times - However, this new feature will bring passionate players who may have inspirations to become Game Moderators in the future have the access to view footage and vote to decide if the person should have action taken against their name. I'm not sure as I'm not a developer - However, I can imagine it looking a bit like this, having an option on the tab where its only visible for the people who have access to it. As I have put this in the general discussion category I would love to hear your comments about this and if you feel this would be a good new idea in the TMP Community and if you would love to have access to this TMP overwatch platform. For sure, if you have any further ideas to add then please write them below. Thank you very much
  11. Ever so sorry for posting a similar idea, I did try and look to see if it had been done before but didn't see it aha! I was a bit surprised that it hadn't been put forward, I guess it has though. I can't wait for this to be a feature as it will make reporting people much easier. Have a good day Markon.
  12. An Easier Way To Report In-Game Players Good Morning All - First of all, I'm sorry if this has been placed in the wrong category, I have been thinking about his new idea for a while and I really want to address it for you! Have you ever been driving before and you want to report a player, you have to try and find their ID before they drive off, then also press TAB and try and find their number? I have many times, and I never get around to reporting them and then they get away, its just not practical at all. Try doing it down the C-D Road, it just won't happen Therefore, over the past couple of days I've wanted to come out with some new suggestions and ideas I can give to this awesome community, something easier to report players so we can reduce the amount of reckless players on the road. In the past I have said things like this in the past, however, I have a new idea - A Search Bar on the TMP Tab What will this consist of? Having a the ability to search the players ID will be so helpful for every player out there. It will make life so much easier for the players to find the certain player they wish to report. Furthermore, when I'm trying to report players via the tab I find myself taking a long time and my driving becomes worse as I'm concentrating on the tab and not the road, I would pull over but I need to catch up to try and find the players ID.... I did mention about 'clicking' on their truck in the past, that would be great but clearly not adaptable to insert into the MP - Therefore, a 'search bar' would be amazing. I really hope whoever views this can direct it into the right section as I believe its something that's doable. If you agree with what I've said or if you don't then please write something in the comment section below, say why you think this could be a good idea or even a bad idea. Also, have you had experiences in the past where you take so long to find someones ID you end up losing it and then they get away? Thank you for listening, I hope everyone is staying safe - See you on the roads
  13. Truckers.FM


    Some of you may be aware that I'm a Station Supervisor at TFM - 


    I've recently started bringing people onto my shows, its a really good way to engage with the community!

    I reckon it would be a really good to get some people on from TMP (Players of even staff of TMP Like game moderators) and talk to them about a couple of things on the show!

    This would be a prerecorded call for the show, so we can do it as many times as you would like if we make any mistakes... 

    Would mean a lot, would bring some great content to the show - Feel free to leave a comment or message me on discord.


    Thank you - 





  14. Watchhhhh outtttttttttttttttt - 


    Big Dan will be out on the roads on Sim 1 ;))))

  15. How you allll doinggggg?



    I've been busy recently with a lot of things going on - 


    I'm now working at Costa Coffee as a part time job whilst saving money for flying lessons - 




    Twitch: I've started streaming again on twitch (Twitch.tv/dan_tfm) - Doing a lot of trucking on TMP.... Feel free to come along and show your support ❤️


    Truckers.FM : I'm always live on TFM, Look at the timetable to see when I'm next live....


    Hope everyone is keeping safe and well and I'm sure I will see you out on the roads soon ❤️

    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Yeh,Also wish you safety and health!:wub:

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