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  1. Happy birthday ❤️ 

  2. happy birthday ❤️ 

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  5. Hi @Syln , like the other I would say if you able to buy every Map DLC, then buy every. With all Map DLCs you've got such a big Map and you're available to access ProMods. Im really like Italia and Scandinavia, because it's very realistic (like every DLC of SCS) and you can spend much time to explore these countries. But take a Map DLC you like in the country in real life and it's supported by SCS. Greetings from Germany Simulatorkingz
  6. Suggestion Name: By clicking on the Player, go on the Tab list. Suggestion Description: When you be in areas with many people, you doesn’t find the player directly in the TAB list, so it would be nice that you can click like the game mods on the name and can mute, go on his Steam profile, TMP profile etc. Any example images: / Why should it be added?: Because it’s not a big problem to add it into the game. (I think so)
  7. Back then, there was the best orders there could be in the non DLC area. A lot of money for little travel and a relatively beautiful landscape
  8. Suggestion Name: Hotkeys for the CB-Radio Suggestion Description: Since the last update you can switch the CB-Radio with , and . . Any example images: Not needed Why should it be added?: Some players got the problem that on the , and . other Hotkeys from in game or voice programs or anything else are in conflict to this Hotkey. So I want that you can change these Hotkeys in the settings or disable this feature completly in the settings. Since im playing TruckersMP I've never changed the CB-Radio except from 19 to 9 so it is annoys when you change the CB-Channels unconsciously and talk to nobody ;D. So it would be nice that you can disable this feature yourself or to change the hotkeys itself. Nice that you reading this topic Greetings Simulatorkingz
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