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  1. Obrigado por seguir 😍

  2. Congrats :)

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      Thanks Flaming! ❤️ :P

  3. Congratulations!

  4. +1 This is already in the game for Game Moderators, so I assume it would just need to be permissions changed to allow players to click on someones name, and would make Player's lives easier when trying to report someone in game since you won't need to scroll through up to 100 names if you are in a populated city. Good suggestion!
  5. I've bought Idaho, and went on drove on it for an hour or two and it looks amaing! SCS Software did an amazing job with the state.
  6. Congratulations!

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      Congrats Flaming! 🥳

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  9. I use the Logitech G29, with a H-Shifter. I've never had any problems with it and it adds so much realism to the game. I would 100% recommend getting the G29 if you are looking for a new wheel.
  10. Happy Birthday! 

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      Thank youuu! ❤️

  11. Happy Birthday EventTraineemeeeeeen

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  13. I've updated to the beta for ATS and visited the truck stops in Las Vegas, they look so realistic to the Truck Stops IRL and I can't wait until SCS adds the Truck Stop throughout the rest of the map. I haven't updated to the ETS2 beta yet, however I have seen screenshots of the truck dealers and they look so much better compared to the truck dealerships in 1.37.
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