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  1. The entire purpose of the /pinfo command is to get the players info, use /time to get the time.
  2. 1) 95% sure MP time is the same as SP time 2) You can already sleep.
  3. Would this be the same TwentyTwoPilots that made the Ultimate Driving Games?

  4. This would be EXTREMLY helpful, the admins already have this option, which highlights the players name green so all the Dev team would need to do is add this function to the player role.
  5. -1 It would make chat too messy in my opinion
  6. Well I do think this is a good idea like Ashley said, it would be impossible for every traffic rule to be enforced, also if the server is added and the player breaks the rules, if it isn't ramming or anything like that, I do think they should just be banned from that server and should still have access to Eu2-Eu4
  7. Get rid of the invisible bumps for skodas Not sure if that is happening, the trailer for that server was 11 months ago
  8. Suggestion Name: Change the location the Teleport-Kick function teleports the players to Suggestion Description: This function would not teleport the player to the nearest service, but a service station where the city is empty. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: This should be added because in busy cities like Calais, Duisburg, and Brussels the people leaving the service have no regard for the main road and pull out without checking if traffic is clear, causing a bigger pileup. I first noticed this in Speedy_TMP's stream where he would just keep TPRK'ing the people back to the service but that doesn't solve the problem because they would just try and get out of the service again, getting kicked again and teleported back to the service.
  9. I agree with this because in my VTC we do have several people that stream and some streamers get 50+ views daily. We have encountered several trolls, especially a member that got their application denied. He even said "you can try and lose me but I have you pulled up on the map", this would decrease the chance of us being trolled by people that target us unless they somehow get where we are through the stream. +1
  10. There is no need for this, you can turn off beacons and other lights in the TMP settings, this would be pointless for the developers to put in since you can already turn them off yourself -1
  11. I would love to see the pilot van added for players that is used by staff in the real ops event and the heavy cargo convoy.
  12. Suggestion Name: Add more reactions for new suggestions in the Forums Suggestion Description: This would add more reactions for the TMP forums. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: This should be added because there are only a few reactions right now, and none of the reactions are a downvote or an emote to show it is a bad idea, this would be helpful in the New Suggestions to truly get the peoples thoughts and for the Forum Moderators to better judge if the people want that idea.
  13. Suggestion Name: Make Fuel Stations NCZ's Suggestion Description: This would make all fuel stations Non Collision Zones so there aren't lines at fuel pumps and VTC convoys aren't blocking and creating a line out onto the motorway/road. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: This should be added because when I am in a convoy with my VTC (Courtz Carriers) we have to stop for fuel since we do 1,000+ miles each convoy and sometimes more depending on the day. When we stop for fuel we often can't all fit into the fuel station and have to create a queue in the right lane on the motorway, even after we all get fuel we have to park in the parking spots and occasionally some of us have to park on the grass. Also in highly populated areas (Calais, Duisburg, CD road) the fuel stations also get extremely crowded and sometimes the exit is blocked from getting out due to the number of people being impatient and trying to push out. If the Fuel stations were NCZ's this would completely eliminate this issue. Thank you for taking your time to read this suggestion, FlamingTree
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