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  1. My personal favorite DLC would be Idaho, the amount of detail put into the DLC is great. I've heard good things about Colorado as well, however I haven't bought that DLC yet and haven't experienced it myself.
  2. I enjoy the updated Calais the most, the only part I don't like about it is at the port the roads get extremely tight, and is almost impossible to stay in your lane. This can cause issues with traffic in both lanes, however, SCS Software did a really good job.
  3. Both games are great but I prefer to play ETS2 because of the amount of players.
  4. Thanks @Shay_Gaming @TFM_George and @TFM_Flynnfor driving with me in the Save The Children convoy today!

    1. .George


      Was a great drive 🙂 

    2. TFM_Flynn


      Yea it was a brilliant


    3. Shay_Gaming


      I loved it, Cheers Flaming

  5. I wouldn't say I hate any players at TruckersMP, however I do find it annoying when people intentionally hit me. With that being said, they will get banned for breaking TMP's rules so it doesn't bother me too much.
  6. While I am excited for 1.39, I am playing as normal on 1.38. I prefer driving with actual players more than driving around with AI vehicles.
  7. Operation Genoa Bridge was my favorite World of Trucks event; I enjoyed driving in heavily populated areas that wasn't on the C-D road so it was a nice change. I also enjoyed making alternative routes to avoid traffic by using ETS2MAP to see what roads were the most congested. The game moderators also did a very good job managing the high level of traffic, most of the time there was at least one game moderator at each end of the bridge.
  8. The only issue I have with this is that you are playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, trucks can only go a maximum of 90 km/h in real life so there is no reason for the speed limit to go higher. In my opinion the speed limiter should go down to 90 km/h for trucks and stay 110 km/h for Skoda's.
  9. TruckersMP will eventually update to 1.39, however you have to keep in mind that the developers volunteer and are not paid for making TMP. Until the developers update the game you will have to play on 1.38. I have attached an article that will help you downgrade if you need help here.
  10. I personally believe that your account age being 1 year old and having no bans within the past year are both reasonable requirements; this way players will have enough experience, understand TMP's rules and have experience using the mod. Especially due to the high amount of players TMP has daily an account length requirement is necessary.
  11. My favorite part of TMP is all of the Events that the community puts together to raise money for charity, along with the TruckersMP Official Events which I do CC for.
  12. 1 is too high for me, back down to 0
  13. Flaming.

    Do you rec?

    I use Medal to record, where I clip the last 30 seconds of gameplay if an accident or something funny occurs. I really only report people if they are extremely reckless or hit me. I also clip as insurance to show my POV of an incident just incase a report gets filed against me. If you have the capability to record I definitely recommend doing so; it has saved me from a ban in the past.
  14. I use the Logitech G29 with a H-Shifter. I got my wheel just under a year ago and have had no problems with it. If anyone is looking to get a wheel I definitely recommend getting a G29 or G920.
  15. My favorite truck would have to be the New Mercedes Actros. This is my go to truck unless I am doing a heavy haul, then I would use my trusty Scania S.
  16. I love the new Patreon trailer; I'm not a Patreon myself, however I have seen it used by some players a few times and is a nice little perk.
  17. Between the two options I prefer the Volvo, however when I am doing jobs I am normally driving a Mercedes or Iveco.
  18. Flaming.


    I am either listening to TFM, Reach Radio or Spotify when driving. It depends on the presenter on air at the time.
  19. Congrats :)

    1. Stubborn__


      Thanks Flaming! ❤️ :P

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