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  • Birthday 08/06/2006

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    Berlin, Germany
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    I love Horror Movies, really dumb and weird.
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    France: Calais
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    English, Serbian, German

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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  2. Evening Truckers, been a while innit? New MAN is now my favorite truck.

  3. Thanks for the Follow! ❤️

    1. Almeida.


      You're welcome. 

  4. Just checked out the TMP9 Server....It's bloody Chaotic.


    anyways.....I'm going back to shooting muskets...just as the founding fathers intended.



  5. Hey y'all, haven't talked in a while, hope you all are doing ok this morning, I feel like actually hopping on TMP after couple days of not playing. ❤️


    Best Regards,


    Chris Flynn

    1. L-DR@GO


      yes we are 👍

  6. Today is quite sad. I don't reallllyyy know why but...yeah...I'll try and have some good night sleep in couple hours, maybe that might help.

  7. Hope everyone's doing alright today.. might not be on the road today.. possibly..

    still love y'all anyway ❤️

  8. Hope everyone's enjoying their Sundays before school.

    Still trying my best to stay patient and positive, hopefully it comes at me good one day.


    Thanks for all the follows and reps. ❤️



    Chris Flynn

  9. Thanks for the follow

  10. Suggestion Name: Ghost Mode wait before driving Suggestion Description: Every single time someone spawns in, has to wait before attempting to drive on the road. Wait till all the players have loaded in and the ghost mode disappears and only then you can drive on the road. Any example images: https://medal.tv/games/euro-truck-sim-2/clips/140RZuyE50bkqz/d1337AKbN4Ps?invite=cr-MSwyd0csMTU5NDAyODA3LA Prime example why it also should become bannable for not waiting for players loading in first. Why it should be added: It would prevent people from driving on the road in ghost mode and launching everyone into the sky (like me, example above).
  11. Thanks for the follow. 💙

  12. Thank you for following my friend💛🎉

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