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  1. Hello there! I love everythin on tmp without all the truckers the game would be boring. Best regards Spakz
  2. Helo guys Im trying to be more active now lul 

    can I get some POGGERS?

  3. Happy Birthday buddy ❤️

  4. Happy birthday! 🎂

  5. Been driving with @[GER] kingjay874today o/.

                      Good night yall 



    1. Nightmaree.
    2. [GER] kingjay

      [GER] kingjay

      was a good trip, especially on CD-Road xD

  6. In my perspective, they dont look good I wanna have a modern steering wheel, which gives me a more realistic Trucker experience
  7. I dont really have a problem with that, cause scs just wanna do their job, so its just normal that they are releasing new patches or dlcs
  8. Helo there! I prefer calais, because it has more space and less traffic jams. Best regards Spakz
  9.                                                          Good day



  10. Good night TMP 

    1. Nightmaree.


      Good night 

  11. Hello there Not that many admins are on this server, there is just not much to see there. You can easely record your game footage and create a report. Thats probably the only thing to do, If you want that action gets taken against the player Best regards Spakz
  12. Hello there!!!!!!!!!!! when they try to overtake while you are driving nearly 110kph. Best regards Spakz
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