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  1. I guess Im a bit late, but happy new year!
  2. imagine your steering wheel just broke, and u just wanna play some tmp lmao 

  3.                     o/                                           


  4. Hello there! I love everythin on tmp without all the truckers the game would be boring. Best regards Spakz
  5. Helo guys Im trying to be more active now lul 

    can I get some POGGERS?

  6. Happy Birthday buddy ❤️

  7. Happy birthday! 🎂

    1. _Spakz_


      Thank you! 

  8. Happy birthday 🎂🎉

    1. _Spakz_


      Thank you! 

  9. Been driving with @[GER] kingjay874today o/.

                      Good night yall 



    1. Nightmaree.
    2. [GER] kingjay

      [GER] kingjay

      was a good trip, especially on CD-Road xD

  10. In my perspective, they dont look good I wanna have a modern steering wheel, which gives me a more realistic Trucker experience
  11. I dont really have a problem with that, cause scs just wanna do their job, so its just normal that they are releasing new patches or dlcs
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