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  1. Happy Birthday Forerunner <3

    My Skoda is loaded with birthday presents for you, check it out:






    I am glad that I could have the chance to work with you as Team for TMP.

    Thank you


    Anyway enjoy your birthday with your family and also the day. 

  2. Hello Truckers,

    A few of you are already in 2019 but the most are still in 2018.

    Before 2018 ends...

    I want to say Thank you to all of you.

    I am glad to be in this awesome community.

    Thank you for being nice and supporting me in hard situation or motivate me to go forward and try something new.

    Especially a huge thank you to:

    @Anriandor, ALEX, Rudolf2000, Chris2306, @sgpch1983, Maurice, @Forerunner, @slushbro, @KIKI_ and @W4chund.

    I wish you all a happy new year and good luck for 2019.

    An advice from me to you:

    If you fail something, don‘t give up, keep trying.


    Best regards

    LSPD Gamer



      Happy New Year ^_^ <3

    2. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      Happy New Year my friend! I wish you achieve all your goals in life, and get success at every step of life, wishing all you and your family filled with great joy peace and prosperity, the most happiness in new year. Everything is the best ! 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  3. This happens if you have a Skoda and Winter Mod plus Physics:


    Result is a Skoda Spinner.

    @Anriandor was watching me...

    And I landed in a car dealer... xD

  4. I made a local  mod for the scout car, you can make your own skin for the doors.

    A few pictures:




    Note: The bullbar with lights is not included to the mod

    Please read "read me" for instructions.


    Download link:


    1. Odion


      I guess nobody except me can see it in MP, right?

    2. LSPD Gamer
    3. Odion


      Ok, thank you for you really quick reply. :*

  5. Vielen Dank für den Follow <3

    Thank you for the follow <3

  6. What?

    No, please no

    Please come back soon

    If you’re away who will keep an eye on the CMTs?

    They need you

    1. Nataliia


      Fortunately, I know they will be okay, I have faith on them, LSPD. <3

      Do not worry!

  7. Police Report 10/11/2018

    TruckersMP Staff Convoy.

    @Adrian22-PL good job buddy with parking



    We at start localtion:



    Digital and me are going to line up



    Most of us did it



    @[LKW Tr.] Kap, how can you??

    Admeen magic?




    Digital, @EHHVTC I Ollie l #BLUE19, @Olioak and myself had a bit fun after Convoy.

    Stay secret what we have done


    End of Report

    Waiting of Approvement by @Digital

  8. I am prepared for the „Dark Night“ event on Halloween.

    Extra Lights on the roof and a bullbar with lights on it.

    This looks like one of Jeremy Clarkson‘s modified vehicles in a special episodes


  9. Ready for today‘s convoy.




    In MP:


    1. chungah


      how are you able to use the trailer skin in mp?

    2. [MCG] Kien Giang
  10. @Keezome nice ride with you



    Dont ask how that truck was on me...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Grundii


      Will other players see this mod?

    3. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      @grundi2601 No, it‘s a local mod and only you can see it.

  11. Hi everyone who has downloaded my mod,

    I fixed a few things in my mod and the new download link can be found here:


  12. I am done with the caravan mod for MP.

    Here a few pictures:







    With interior, only the front part of the caravan:



    Mod in MP:



    Link to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oIX-2BO89FZQPTnSgf3i-2hrpiM1ftoQ/view?usp=sharing


    Note: The livery you saw on the screenshots is my selfmade livery, more can be find in the „Ream me“ file.

    And in the back of the caravan can‘t be placed a license plate for some reason.

  13. I am reworked the pervious caravan truck and the advanced version looks not so bad.



    The caravan shell will be a local mod and can be used in MP.

    I planned to make a template of it, so you can skin the caravan yourself with everything you want



      Looks Great. Good luck with it ;) 

    2. twix bar

      twix bar

      really nice!

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  14. OMG,

    Congrats Kap, you totally deserved it

    1. Kap.


      Thank youu! :D 

  15. I managed to assign two new car trailer from ATS.

    @Mike Dragon found this trailer actually.

    A boat trailer:




    And a Trailer with a Buggy:



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SuperMouse
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Nice :D Wonder if there are any trailers like that in ets2 :thinking:

    4. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      I don‘t know Killua.

      I didn‘t extract the base of ETS2 yet

  16. OMG, I wish SCS could make their game like this:


    Would be nice if TMP would support it, but I don‘t think is going to happen

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Grundii


      Would be nice if SCS would add such truck physics to Ets2 (& ATS). But as @[WT] AlexXXalready wrote, the game looks like trash. Because it's a video edited trailer, I'm 100 % sure of this. The game will never be so good as shown in the video edited "trailer".

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I like ETS2 and ATS as they are now :) this looks good too tho :)

  17. If admin finds a truck at CD and think LMAO


  18. Ahhha, was habe ich gesagt.

    Nun jetzt hätte ich gerne ein Döner von dir :troll:

    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      :thisisfine:  alles klar xD

  19. Next Skoda mod on the run.

    UK police version


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. [MCG] Kien Giang
    3. ScaniaFan89


      @LSPD Gamer That is what i wanted to see for the pilot car, if you can do it why cant mp! Its annoying 

  20. LOL airline wrote on the plane their name wrong 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more


      Well, this happens when you find graphic designer who makes his work for free :D 

    3. Rev.


      You often wonder how it happens.





    4. Heemse


      "Spain'ish" hahahaha

  21. I managed to have the Krone Boxliner as my own trailer.


    I am trying to make a container with the Krone Boxliner skin.



    And I am currently doing different Krone Skins for the trailer, like Paper Liner, Mega Liner and more.

  22. Hello Truckers,

    The most of you heard of the release of the Krone Trailers DLC for ETS2.

    I am going to buy me that DLC tomorrow and maybe not only for me.

    I give it away for up to 5 truckers.

    Comment to this status update to get the chance to win this DLC.

    Good luck


    Give away closes tomorrow 11 PM UTC

  23. I said that I have more and there is it.

    An improved version of my US Police Kit.

    - New Textures

    - More LEDs (inside of car)


  24. After a long time working, I finally got it.

    Voila, an US Police kit for the skoda


    Wasn‘t so easy but I got it.


    1. Rev.


      Nice work.


      Looking forward to see what you bring next!

  25. Does someone want that cargo box for the skoda?

    If you do so, I will release it tomorrow.

    And I made a little change on the model.

    I added a luggage rack for the skoda in the model (didn‘t made a screenshot yet)




    Please note:

    It‘s a local mod and can be used in MP.

    Nobody can see the roof rack except you.

    This cargo bix uses the slot for the beacons and having beacon and cargo box at the same time isn‘t possible.


    1. Olioak


      That looks amazing, I would definitely download it ;)

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