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  1. Canadian/American server

    I believe the server was used so little. Even the Europe server is almost empty except recently with the big surf event. Your ping should not rise that much when changing server even if you are in Canada. How much higher is it compared to your ETS ping? SuperMouse
  2. REC is a good one, makes people realise more people are recording, to ensure safer driving. Also its a good alternative to rude or insulting language like swearing making you in the wrong as well. Shows frustration without being rude SuperMouse
  3. Limited speed

    برای کاهش سقوط، این مشکل در همه سرورها بود
  4. Problem with version

    You need to change the version of your game Todo that follow: 1. Open you steam library and right click in Euro Truck Simulator 2. 2.In the top select 'Betas' and make sure "None" is selected in the drop down menu 3.Wait for the version to have downloaded and try again I hope that helps SuperMouse
  5. Anyone else on the edge of their seat after the England match?


    Come on England! Bring on Sweden! 

  6. How many of you play FS17?

    FS is a great game, but DLC's are over priced. It's on sale ATM if any of you don't have it!
  7. Report

    The reports are normally dealt by moderates withing a few days. This can be quicker but I'm sure the admins do get hundreds of reports especially as MP is becoming increasingly popular. To view what they have put go into the area where you placed the report and click it. It should show who has sorted it and any comments about the report. Hope that helps SuperMouse
  8. Steering wheel

    Trucks have 900 degrees. The top ones to buy would be the Logitech G29 or G920. If you can get a G27 only second hand SuperMouse
  9. Cannot save game in multiplayer

    If you try using player and open the game and try to save over it to see if it is an issue within MP or the save file. I know the account I used for MP is and have never had an issue with the save file SuperMouse
  10. Requests to delete my ETS-MP Account

    Yes, the new data protection act and TruckersMP Update means you can no delete your account, but can't be undone after. SuperMouse
  11. Congrats man! I hope you enjoy your new role and Police car!

    I look forward to seeing you in-game at some point 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Congrats and Good Luck :)

  12. Lost my Money and Time I traveled

    That says you are 500 hours late. I'm guessing you started it in single player then moved to multiplayer which changes the time. Best thing to do is on Multiplayer use a hacked account with unlimited money and XP and then keep a 'career' profile and don't use on MP However, you won't be able to get the money back for that delivery unless you edit the files and add the money. The profile I used for MP is SuperMouse
  13. [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    Sound like a good giveaway! Thanks Rev. Count me in!
  14. new profile

    Hi If you are looking for a new profile I used And so ong as you don't add in any mods you will be fine To play MP you need to hr on your record but not on the account that you are going to use. So long as you have 2hr on your account and game profile that is up-to-date and no mods used will work Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  15. Apeal System