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  1. why scs don't put offroad or dirty road in the official map?

    I would love to see more of this. Even if the roads were like the roads on the entry to the quarry's. They are probulary a lot harder to make and take longer for SCS to try to make.
  2. When the game will update to 131?

    Not sure, no certain date. However, on Single player you can opt-in to Beta although MP probulary won't be supporting 1.31 for a slight bit longer. I would expect it to be released within the next month.
  3. Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    I think they should continue to focus on their current games. Look what happened when they released ATS, you could say it was only half finished. 2 truck companies and 2 states. SCS should continue to focus on content for ATS and ETS, to develop the games to make them both even more open and enjoyable.
  4. Caravans are here!

    I think they are brilliant. I have done some convoys with them on EU4 where its non-contact and drive full speed! They have finally given a purpose for the cars other than convoy cars. Keep up the great ideas TMP Team!
  5. Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    I really like the Mercedes in the Heavy Cargo skin, with the striped in a silver with red and yellow colour.
  6. Romania Pro Drivers

    Nice Image
  7. This takes me back but: 3:23 PM Friday 30th October 2015 15:23
  8. What radio do you tune into your truck?

    Radio wise, there's only 1 choice TFM! However, normally I prefer putting a Twitch Stream on my phone next to me with audio into the speakers to merge rather than listening to music.
  9. So I want to know how do you guys gear and drive your trucks? For example I use sequential mode and use the paddles on my wheel to change gears as I'm not a fan of the automatic gear. Do you go full manual with a gear stick for the G27/9 or full auto where the brake pedal is the reverse mode? Also, which gearbox do you normally go for, as in how many gears do you normally put in your truck? I hate putting 16 in and normally go for the 12 option Do you use a clutch?
  10. 110km/h ?

    The speed limiter is a good idea. I think 110 km/h is a little slow to be honest and I think 150 km/h is the perfect limiter because it's fast enough to not make annoying yet it gives you control of the car and the truck, reducing accidents.
  11. How to behave in extreme situations

    @schrute_farms Firstly I like how you said wrong game to F1. Normally I phrase it as mistake ETS2 for GTA5. Well, I have a few points to say. Firstly, I think you need to not blame the moderation team because look at it from their view. They review the incident and see your chat messages, therefore assuming you are both in the wrong for different actions. Also, I know many people have complained about the appeal system (although I've never used it) have you considered your ban, the reason and thought about if you were in the wrong or maybe over reacted to the situation. Finally, If someone crashes into you, I know it's irritating and frustrating but whats shouting at them going to do. Sometimes you just need to breath and put 'no. Report' or 'no. Really Dude?' because it's happened and this way you won't be penalised. I see why you are frustrated but I think you need to think about the way you react to the situation because unfortunately shouting back isn't going to help your case.
  12. Will you choose fatigue driving or rest?

    Normally when in a city I will rest when I get a tired driving so that it doesn't start to sleep while driving. I only sleep to try to refresh the job market. So that I can update it several time. If you set it so you don't get tired is it still limited to the number of times you can sleep or unlimited.
  13. What are your favourite DLC’s ?

    The France DLC. Probulary Italy but still waiting for that DLC on a good sale. Also Heavy cargo is brilliant but not special as I can't use it on MP.
  14. What do you think about caravan

    It's a good idea, it encourage's better driving for car drivers rather than full speed and crashing. I look forward to driving one. Quick question do you pick one up from a pick up point or is it like part of the car customisation? Now the cars have a trailer they need better brakes They are bad enough already without a trailer.
  15. Easy. The radio is for communication not for; 1.Playing music 2.Shouting 3.Singing 4. Not having headphones in so you hear duplicated and echos of everything 5.Any other noise except normal speaking I leave the radio on as most of the time it is fine, listening and using the radio but cities with 100 nearby, there will always be 1 person . Apart from that I love the CB Radio's