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  1. Frage 1: Hast Du bei ETS 2 die Steam Cloud aktiviert? Wenn Ja, dann deaktiviere diese, das macht es für die Zukunft leichter an Deine Profile zu kommen. Frage 2: Wenn Du bereits Deine Steam Cloud für ETS 2 deaktiviert hast, dann solltest Du hier Deine Profile von vor dem Update finden: Windows Explorer! In dem Fall brauchst Du nur die Profile der letzten Version kopieren und in Deinen aktuellen Profile Ordner einfügen. Tip am Rande, nutze ein Profil für den Einzelspieler und ein anderes Profil für TruckersMP. Wenn Du ein neues Profil für TruckersMP erstellen möchtest, mit dem gleichen Stand den Du bereits im Einzelspieler erreicht hast, findest Du hier im Forum genügend Anleitungen wie Du Dein neues Profil entsprechend anpassen kannst. Und keine Sorge, sich einen Spielstand zu erstellen mit entsprechendem Level und Geld ist kein Regelverstoß!
  2. Also, ich finde es nicht gut mit Lastern über Spieler und Admin zu fahren.
  3. I can mostly aggree with the former positngs. My Opinion can be packed in one small Sentence: TruckersMP is a Multiplayer Truck Driving Simulation Game, regardless where on the Map you are driving!
  4. 80th follow w4chund

  5. Keeping the Rules clear and simple is better than to over complicating them. Unfortunately, as more you have to read, as more people will not reading it. Rules are a must, for this Game, but they are only 20%, to solve an Issue. The major part of avoiding any kind of problems and violations lays in the Hand of the Player. Coop. Multiplayer Sim Games, like TruckersMP, living from the understanding and respect for the Other Players and the meaning of the Game itself. In Question of Save Editing, as more you mounting on your Trucks, as less will be the Performance for the Others in general. At the end, it doesn´t matter if a truck looks "ugly". The Truck must be safe, and should not influence the gameplay, the game physics ( Trailer Editing), and performance of the others.
  6. You are able to write /fix in Chat, when you have a trailer attached, to repair your Truck ( Not the Trailer) "on the fly", without the need to go to the Service. This Option having a Cooldown to avoiding the abusive usage of it. Changing the Map to have addtional Service Stations along the Highways is a huge amount of Map Editing Work. There is also the Option to load a Save Game, after a Accident, if you got too much damage!
    1. Fast-rider


      Rec ban :kappa:


      if this happens to my I am not lucky like this guy, my truck flips for sure 😂

  7. Two Things: 1. Listen to, and obey what your Mother told you! - Look to the Left and Right and check the Road, to make sure you can pass, before your crossing it! - Always stop at Red Traffic Lights! If your Mother did not told you this, then you should ask yourself why! 2. Read and Understand the Rules! And as Bonus, be Polite, be Respectful and in Case some Accident happen, be responsive and apologies when you were on fault!
  8. Like i did in Real Life, i keep the same Speedlimits in the Game, which means +/- 5 kph around the allowed Truck Speedlimits in the Countrys.
  9. Hmmmmmmmm...........Speedhacking????



  10. WOT Idaho with a new Profile with nearly the same Rules: I guess i will not drive this Truck 300.000 Miles, but for the Bginning he will do his Job! :)
  11. So, after a short Time, who is still driving? Which Truck do you have, which kind of cargo do you haul?
  12. Finally i can start to explore Europe: All German Citys discovered! :)
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