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  1. W4chund    Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back mate🛠️

    1. W4chund


      Thank you :)

  3. ohhhh 

    Welcome back W4chund !! happy to see you again 🥳

    1. W4chund


      Many Thanks.

  4. Welcome back! 

    1. W4chund


      Thankyou :)


  5. :thisisfine: Welcome back

    1. W4chund


      Many Thanks. :)

  6. Tooo much Lag! :(



    1. [RLC] Supreme

      [RLC] Supreme

      its a shame we can't make lag vanish🤠😂

    2. XinBao^


      gg  haha  

    1. WNxArcticwolf


      The other guy was going way too fast and his truck started to turn over.

    2. aLieN <3

      aLieN <3

      The way he tipped over on you is just perfect :D

    3. W4chund


      I smell a conspiracy! :D


  7. Who behave wrong in this Clip and why?




    1. SebastianZ


      i see there just to things the Skoda who got kicked and the dude in the Chat, i will repeat him "get Fu**ed Skoda". And maybe one or two little mistakes that can be overseen

    2. W4chund


      Correct :)


  8. Some Driver lost the Control! :D :D



  9. Many thanks for the fast response on the paintjobs today and for removing the physic restrictions off the trailers (trailer stability! I saw many "sleeping" Trucks today at the turnings and roundabouts
  10. I´m impressed! My best wishes and hopes for the TruckersMP and Promods Teams to get this all working stable. I´m sure that the Teams will make it, to deliver high quality Content! But as "old" Man and Player i hope that the Enthusiastic Community and Players do understand, there is a hell of Work to do and keeping 2 different Modifications, of a Single Player Game, being Compatible and Stable will take Time and some setbacks. So my wish and advice is, stay calm! We all playing TMP and the Promod Maps mostly for Free. Don´t start complaining and bad talkings if Things not working as they intended or the Release Dates changing. Keep in Mind, the Teams are also Gamers and making all these Work in their free Time. Be nice! Just my 2 Cents!
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