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  1. Two Things: 1. Listen to, and obey what your Mother told you! - Look to the Left and Right and check the Road, to make sure you can pass, before your crossing it! - Always stop at Red Traffic Lights! If your Mother did not told you this, then you should ask yourself why! 2. Read and Understand the Rules! And as Bonus, be Polite, be Respectful and in Case some Accident happen, be responsive and apologies when you were on fault!
  2. Like i did in Real Life, i keep the same Speedlimits in the Game, which means +/- 5 kph around the allowed Truck Speedlimits in the Countrys.
  3. Hmmmmmmmm...........Speedhacking????



  4. WOT Idaho with a new Profile with nearly the same Rules: I guess i will not drive this Truck 300.000 Miles, but for the Bginning he will do his Job! :)
  5. So, after a short Time, who is still driving? Which Truck do you have, which kind of cargo do you haul?
  6. Finally i can start to explore Europe: All German Citys discovered! :)
  7. I think as Shortcut is Simulation Enthusiastic Truckers = S.E.T. the best. Thanks for your suggestions, blabberfreak and Fummelprinz!
  8. I use the Default Income Factor, because i drive for a VTC! Statistics! Truck! Bank! Skillpoints, next Update with Level 12!
  9. I am at Level 10 now, and i didn´t made it to get a WOT Cargo to every City in Germany so far! I do not Fast Travel and avoid empty Driving
  10. I like "ALIVE" and "SET" so far. I will wait a few Days, maybe there will be more suggestions to make a poll then You betray yourself then. As i wrote, this is a suggestion, you can follow the full rules or just a few of them. A challenge should be fun and not a must, specially in a Game.
  11. Starting a new Profile and Drive with these Rules is not Easy. 😉



  12. Hmmm, not bad, but my suggestion is not official. And in Case, there will be a Road To Simulation 4 Announcement, it can cause confusion overall! Edit: I´ve updated the First Post, there are some little Problems when you have no own Truck. Speaking of own Truck: My "Home" for the next 300.000 KM!
  13. You are right, in Reality the Companys find enough Ways to "bypass" or to "extend" the Rules. But that is not the intention here. My Suggestion is made for the Game Experience, because here on TruckersMP we are all living in a purple plush world with happy and rule following Players at every corner! You are free to play within the "rules" of this suggestion. There is no need for a Special Server, because driving on the MP Servers is the Fun and the Risk. And you do not need to be afraid of being trolled by other Players, because the Map is large and as long you are not driving 24/7 from Calais to Duisburg, you will be able to earn enough Money. It is up to you to accept these suggested Rules and play within these. But at the End you can say, was it fun or not! And was i honest to myself! That is correct and the positive Side Effect, you are exploring the whole Map! I will update the "Rules" a bit, in Case you got rammed by other Players. EDIT: We need a cool Shortcut for the Name Plate or Tag, so we are able to Identify us, in case we met us Ingame!
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