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  1. I used to play between 2016-2019 (still do occasionally) when the player base was still very big and traffic was everywhere on the map. Now it feels the traffic centers around the C-D road with occasional jams you may come across. Someone may disagree but I feel this is how things really are going now. Maybe the buses will bring more people in, but nobody knows what's gonna happen.
  2. Thank youuuuu!! Solved, you can close this now.
  3. I can't disable whatever this is called. Console opens normally but whatever is on top left stays on.
  4. Basically anything. Just don't take a 4x2 chassis then go wilding around on the C-D road.
  5. twix bar

    CB abuse.

    I honestly don't even mind the CB abuse. Obviously it's annoying to others but once in a while you get people doing funny stuff which brightens me up
  6. You can lower it down in the Volume Mixer, right click on your speaker icon and you should see it there. I'm not too sure how to change the YouTube volume in-game, you could use the Steam overlay and tab+shift as needed?

  8. I find Germany having an average number of players. You'll find atleast 10 players in each city and some motorways have a lot of traffic.
  9. What graphics card are you using? If you're using a NVIDIA one then there should be an anti-aliasing setting in the control panel for each app. Maybe it's set to off or to a setting which doesn't let the game choose the proper settings.
  10. I don't really like it. TruckersMP feels more airey unlike convoy which is ai+friends, but with mods I'd give it a try.
  11. Ah well that's no problem. I guess this is a really rare issue so I will try reinstalling it, thanks!
  12. That's the plugin I am using but it's not initializing itself on startup although before it did.
  13. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm using a soundmod plugin that uses SDK but the plugin won't initialize itself during startup. I installed the Microsoft redistributables if that helps at all.
  14. To add what I mean by an "accident"; I do not define driving 110 kmh in a corner and anything like that as an accident, more like intentional rule breaking. An accident for me is a situation out of your complete hand that you did not cause at all. -Game tabbing out -Controller stops working (kind of a dumb rule, if you take care of your equipment and your wheel still decides to stop working, who's at the fault here? ) And anything that is not your fault which results in an accident.
  15. I don't think you will get your ban removed even if you apologize, my guess would be they'd shorten the ban if it was not intentional. Imo what you're doing is far much nicer compared to other people, they don't seem to have any remorse at all even it was really accidental and out of your hands (e.g game tabbing out). I don't report everybody who breaks the slightest of rules, but actually ones who intentionally break rules and cause damage to me.
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