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  2. He plays with Lego Duplos
  3. twix bar

    [Forum Game] 3 words story

    the Scania gang
  4. twix bar

    About the Cars

    You know.... if you want to avoid cars either go to Eu1 or Eu3. But I find some car drivers annoying too, they don't give a crap when they ram me or someone else.
  5. twix bar

    launcher/launcher.exe steam

    Have you started steam before starting truckersmp? If not, start Steam before starting Truckersmp.
  6. Thank you for following!

    1. BlackSkill


      You're welcome ;) 

  7. twix bar

    [Forum Game] 3 words story

    explode and go
  8. hello! Is there anyway to report a person that has deleted his account?
  9. twix bar

    [Forum Game] 3 words story

    of being banned