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  1. twix bar

    Road to Simulation

    Why do you care about the time so much? They'll atleast get banned...
  2. twix bar

    Best Gaming Wheel?

    I like the G29 but you should check the Thrustmasters too.
  3. twix bar

    Game "Cities"

  4. twix bar

    There's something wrong with my Forum

    Can you describe your problem more? How can't you exactly add pictures?
  5. twix bar

    The Last Post Wins!

  6. twix bar

    TMP5 freeroam speedlimit

    Will the TMP5 freeroam have no speed limit?
  7. twix bar

    The Last Post Wins!

  8. twix bar

    The Last Post Wins!

    i win
  9. twix bar

    multiple login to truckersmp

    You cannot create a new account with the same Steam id. So it's not possible.
  10. twix bar


    Yes. You have to add him on Steam and then you can see him on the map as a green dot.
  11. twix bar

    Game "Cities"

  12. twix bar

    FPS problems

    Are you having stutters, or just low fps?
  13. twix bar

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned because you made me laugh