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  1. twix bar

    Save game not working in 1.31?

    Hello! Unfortunately I don't think there is any other solution than backing up your profile before downgrading.
  2. twix bar

    Is the mod being worked on?

    Unfortunately no, there is not a Mac version of TMP and there are no plans to support it. You could try Boot Camp to install Windows on your Mac PC
  3. twix bar

    less players on eu2

    Yes, like above more trolls will come back..
  4. twix bar

    No Jobs

    Hello! Have you tried sleeping/resetting the economy?
  5. twix bar

    Post an insane lie about the user above you

    plays Lego city game
  6. twix bar

    game error ??

    Hello! you have downgraded to the wrong version if I am correct. Correct version would be 1.31.
  7. twix bar

    racing paintjob

  8. twix bar

    less players on eu2

    I drove a bit yesterday, still pretty much traffic. But still a noticeable less people
  9. twix bar

    racing paintjob

    hello! If any staff/people could tell if the racing paintjob will be supported in the next update... I think it has been a few months already
  10. Has anyone noticed less players on EU2?probably because ets2 1.32... now it would be a great time to do the C-D road without seeing a chaos xD
  11. twix bar

    Overtaking speed

    Maybe a Volvo has a little more hp and nm, but the reason why I don't use Volvo is because it has an RPM limiter
  12. twix bar

    im new to this

    hello! Please follow this guide: I am sorry also that I misunderstood your question, but anyways. Next time remember to backup your profile when updating.
  13. twix bar

    Overtaking speed

    are you shifting with a 12 gear transmission while overtaking? Else it may be that the people are using 1t trailer mods and allison gearboxes...