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  1. Issue with FMOD as far I know, some sounds dont work when there are tons of players nearby (like horns)
  2. Use the feedback system to report him, i did it once and the person got an extended ban..
  3. I meant that is there a way to make the radio sound in-game come from the truck speakers? Any mod or etc
  4. It would be cool for the radio to be like this, the sound would be simulated like in real life.
  5. What is temporarily closed? Kindly give us more details so we can help you.
  6. Hi, promods is not showing up after the new update. Is it because it's not supported or?
  7. There could be.. they teased a new gamemode once.
  8. Why do you care about the time so much? They'll atleast get banned...
  9. Can you describe your problem more? How can't you exactly add pictures?
  10. Will the TMP5 freeroam have no speed limit?
  11. You cannot create a new account with the same Steam id. So it's not possible.
  12. twix bar


    Yes. You have to add him on Steam and then you can see him on the map as a green dot.
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