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  1. Just look at those beautiful pieces of art :wub::wub::wub:




    These are the amazing advantages brought by Discord Nitro :truestory:




    If I only had it, I could use these emojis and gifs, rather than just seeing them being posted by other people :unsure:<_<-_-


    Who else loves Nitro (and can afford it) shall post his most amazing emoji here :P 

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    2. HerrSwizz


      ^i dont realy thing 5 $ are a rip off :D 

    3. RedWolfTV


      It looks very good 

    4. [SK] - TeR*Xin Bao
  2. Christmas event update

    This is not an event. Please have a look at that announcement to find out more about the current situation: Furthermore, you can always downgrade your game if you want to play TruckersMP. In case you do not know how it works, please ask for it and the community will help you. Due to that reason, I am going to move that topic to the corresponding section. //Moved to Help.
  3. Yayınlamayın Yapım Aşamasındadır

    Türkçe bölümüne taşındı.
  4. Ottoman Online Gaming

    Türkçe bölümüne taşındı.
  5. Grupo Elite Brasileira - Estamos Recrutando

    //Moved from ETS2 Companies to PT Discussion.
  6. Getting Kick

    Not a bug. This happens intentionally and is a new system because the official TruckersMP Rules have been changed to the following: If you do not adhere these rules, it will result in a kick. You can find these rules here: If you require additional assistance, I am sure the Support team is going to help you. //Moved to Help.
  7. MP update

    Since you are asking a question and did not follow the mandatory bug reports format either, I will move that topic to the corresponding section. //Moved to Help.
  8. bug de remorque

    //Déplacé dans Discussion Française -> Aide.
  9. ping problems

    //Moved from ETS2 Discussion to
  10. TMP Launcher startet nicht, ohne Fehlermeldung

    Guten Abend @JimKnopf_17, ich habe mich mal etwas umgeschaut und in dem Troubleshoot Thema eines Moderators eine mögliche Antwort gefuden. Demnach sollte folgende Meldung aufgetaucht sein: Die Lösung hierfür ist beim Microsoft Support (Link im obigen Beitrag angeführt) zu finden. Außerdem wurden sämtliche, so genannte "Compiler" zum Download hier aufgelistet: Eine Veranschaulichung des Installationspfades wurde ebenfalls zur Verfügung gestellt:
  11. Taking jobs without a truck

    Please use descriptive titles for your topics. I have edited it for you. //Moved from General Discussion to Help.
  12. Increase server validation

    The translation has not helped to enhance the understandability by any means. If you cannot utilise English in an understandable way, the only remaining opportunity is to deem that topic as useless and close it. Please consider revising it, otherwise, the above-mentioned will come into force.
  13. Increase server validation

    Nice try. Having an English title does not imply the content can have another language. //Moved from New Suggestions to Chinese Discussion.
  14. EU#1 Full Winter MOD

    TruckersMP is currently using a winter mod that has been in use for quite a while now. This means that no other mod will be used or considered in the future unless the current one stops the support. There are plans so slightly change something about the current one but this does not include a change of the winter mod in total. Also, there will not be different winter mods across different servers because everybody would need to download two winter modifications to be able to join the game even though one of them is not in use. Also, TruckersMP is not going to add any additional third-party mode because it would require an additional download, thus making the total file size bigger which leads to longer download times. In addition, those modifications always need to be supported by the latest version of the game which cannot be taken for granted when using external mods that have not been created by TruckersMP. The development team can be both lucky and grateful that the current winter mod's developer is doing such a great work and allows the usage of his modification for TruckersMP but it is not known if others would do that. Rejected.