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  1. Reputation Levels

    Dear Truckers, As you know, the Community Management has recently added more reactions to the forum for you to enjoy. Sadly, nobody has proposed names for the reputation titles, hence why we have come up with our own ideas. To give a little explanation of what this actually is, I will elaborate on it now. On member's profiles, the total reputation received will show up along with a description of the levels they have reached. Many members of our community have received a lot of reputation points already and we want to encourage them having something on their profile that others do not have. This change will go hand in hand with our guide about the Forum Rank. Note, that this topic will be moved to that section as well after a few days. Beneath, you will find a complete list of the reputation levels' names and their exact numbers. 0 to 24 reputation Truck? 25 to 99 reputation Unlicensed 100 to 249 reputation Sunday Driver 250 to 499 reputation Trainee 500 to 749 reputation Reserve Driver 750 to 999 reputation Local Driver 1000 to 1499 reputation National Driver 1500 to 2999 reputation International Driver 3000 to 4999 reputation Veteran driver 5000 to 9999 reputation Driving Instructor 10000+ reputation King of the Road! We really hope that you will like these changes. Also, we encourage you to react to another user's reply or post when you like it. After all, we want to achieve an enjoyable environment for everybody. In that sense, it is also advised not to beg or ask for reputation. Should you have any questions, ideas or thought, you can comment below. The Community Mangement
  2. ETSKA - Карьера водителя

    Перемещено в русскоязычный раздел.
  3. Data dump doesn't work

    The situation will be investigated further. It is awaiting a fix soon. //Moved to Pending Fix.
  4. /fix should works on WoT Trailers

    Because of that, it is not possible to make this command fix the trailer either. Rejected.
  5. New Trailers Lights

    //Moved to Gameplay.
  6. Clima no jogo

    Movido para a seção de discussão em português.
  7. Preview of topic/reply posts on Forum

    //Moved to TruckersMP Services.
  8. Mods

    There are currently no plans to add such signs. As this is an additional customisation, SCS Software will have to add this. It may come in the future, however, that is not known as of now. Moved to SCS.
  9. Recruitment and ban

    The bans are already being logged in the punishment history and it is the respective Manager's discretion whether he would like to allow only people who were not banned the last year or who were not banned the last six months. In that sense, this has already been implemented. Done.
  10. Recruitment

    There are no plans to change the way the recruitment works. Provided we would hire people based on their in-game hours, what is preventing them from just having the game open in the background? That is no reliable source to tell whether somebody is suitable or not. Rejected.
  11. Mods

    TruckersMP is not going to add any third party mods anytime soon because it would require an additional download, thus making the total file size bigger which leads to longer download times. In addition, those modifications always need to be supported by the latest version of the game which cannot be taken for granted when using external mods that have not been created by TruckersMP. Rejected.

    Yardım bölümüne taşındı.
  13. Connection Error Hatası

    Yardım bölümüne taşındı.
  14. Game minimises to screen

    Since you asked a question and did not follow the mandatory bug report format, I will move this topic to the corresponding section. //Moved to Help.
  15. Scout not auto shifting

    //Moved to Help.