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  1. Your connection is broken.

    ^ As above. Problem solved. Thank you for your participation. /locked and moved to solved
  2. multiplayer does not start/open

    /moved from ETS2 Disc. to Help
  3. This status is just written to trigger all other people who look for free reputation but who have not noticed it yet :mellow:


    Enjoy the spam on your wall, thank me later ;) :troll:


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      Finally, I got rid of...Sorry, I mean Congratulations :troll:

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      Thank god for that I don't have to work for fire anymo - Oh thank you @FirestarteR93! :P


      @Anriandor have a rep on me :P

  4. Well, that was quite unexpected, to be honest. A quick translation and suddenly: gone :o:huh:

    Good luck with whatever you do in the future. You might return one day!


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      "due to lack of time" ;) Thanks @Anriandor I hope that when I come back, I can see you in IGA <3

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      Good luck in the future. @ilhanmermer 

    3. ilhanmermer
  5. The likelihood of this being added is rather low indeed because the current automated AFK-based system will not be changed any time soon because since it was established, that system worked out quite well granting equal opportunities for people who want to join a server which is busy at the moment. You are being kicked because the MP expects you to actively participate instead of being idle the entire day. It is worse enough that admins could abuse the function of not being kicked when they are logged in, however, when this will automatically be added whenever the parking brake is applied, many people are going to abuse it. Especially large convoys who wait half an hour before the actual start will lead to an unnecessary congestion of the server which blocks potentially free spots for other people to play. Other than that, there is more than enough time for going to the bathroom unless it is something bigger or the said room is a few hundred meters away which is highly unlikely. Advantageously, the AFK kick system prevents you from unnecessary smoking breaks which will increase your health! Lastly, the Project Manager of TruckersMP said the following in another topic: Rejected.
  6. What recording software do you use.

    ^ I would recommend the same as this random guy, even though it is nowadays called "Nvidia GeForce Experienced".
  7. Banning for calling him a "kid"
  8. Is profanity a rule?

    Dear @H4MZ4_, whenever you speak to somebody and you use a word, this is called an "expression". For example, when I see a BMW, I will say "amazing" (unless it is the 2 series Active Tourer). However, that is an "expression" since I literally 'express myself' by using a word, phrase or sentence. What you said was inappropriate because the f-word is not allowed and considered to be inappropriate. That is why you broke the rule I have quoted above Hopefully, you have understood it now. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Moderator
  9. Is profanity a rule?

    Hello @H4MZ4_, here is the part you are looking for: Where the rules can be found has been provided above, however, there are also available on the forums, here. Has your question been answered to your satisfaction? Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Moderator
  10. Additional rule.

    This was previously suggested as well. Please have a look here. Rejected.
  11. Dream cars!

    @LSPD Gamer, more information about it can be found on the official website of BMW, here.

    Yardım bölümüne taşındı.
  13. Dream cars!

    Great topic, by the way. There are some nice cars here
  14. I have a dowloanding problem

    Not a suggestion. /moved to Help