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  1. Weigh station beeper volume/mute

    Hello, Unfortunately, we have no implemented this amazing feature as this solely comes down to the awesome development of SCS Software who provided us with such enjoyable content. Due to this, I am sadly seeing myself forced to reject your suggestion by moving it to the section regarding things which need to be done by the above-mentioned publishers. We hope that you still have a unique trucking experience, regardless of some minor annoyances. Thank you for your understanding. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Community Manager //Moved to SCS.
  2. How to make your steam hours public

    Hello, An updated version of this can be found in the guides section of the forum. Please have a look at the following topic: In that sense, this outdated post will be archived. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Community Manager //Locked & moved to Archive.
  3. Connection refused, someone is already playing with that steamID

    Hello, You wrote that there is no evidence as of now: Would you please be so kind as to attach at least a screenshot of the error? Also, please explain to us in detail what you are doing and whether you are using the correct Steam account. Please, also start Steam as an administrator of your PC and ensure that the TruckersMP Launcher is also started with these permissions. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Community Manager
  4. Why you are speed limited in EU#2

    To keep this updated, if you are driving at excessively and recklessly high speeds but wonder why you cannot go faster than 150 km/h, the reason for this can be found when having a look at the following topic:
  5. Disable Air Horns

    //Moved to TruckersMP Services.
  6. Kabul Edilen İtirazlar

    Türkçe bölümüne taşındı.
  7. Police cars patrolling at Calais-Duisburg road

    No, it would make the area only more congested than it already is. Rejected.
  8. I cant Join ETS MP2

    Sorry but if you are creating the problem yourself and only give us minor information about what you have done and what is not working, the help we can offer is quite limited. Since it is solved, the topic will be closed now.
  9. I cant Join ETS MP2

    @acarburak33 since it says that your credentials are incorrect, please head over to the website and change your password to ensure you insert the correct one. Then, copy both your email and password (separately) to a text document and paste them in-game with Control+V. Also, I am a Manager, not a Moderator. Follow this link: to change the password or edit the email
  10. I cant Join ETS MP2

    @acarburak33 since you do not seem to understand how the system works - you can only have 1 TruckersMP account connected to 1 Steam account. If you try to create another TruckersMP account with this Steam account, it will show that warning because this Steam account is already connected to your TruckersMP Account "acarburak33" In fact, your issue has been resolved already when there is no other Steam account. When you have only 1 Steam account, you can also only have 1 TruckersMP account
  11. I cant Join ETS MP2

    @acarburak33 if you have already had an account in the past with another Steam account, then please, provide us with the Steam 64 ID of that other Steam account and we will find your TruckersMP Account unless you have deleted it.
  12. Cannot Connect Server Ets 2 Multiplayer

    //Moved to Help.
  13. Hello, As mentioned above, the event has ended and it is only running for a few more days until the 15th of July. This effectively means that hardly anybody is bothering to drive there from now on. Back in the days, I would have agreed with you that it is pretty much like the one-lane rural road in Europe, even though I would have preferred that ATS route as @ShawnCZek described above. At least this was a short moment for ATS to shine Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Community Manager
  14. [REJECTED] The Basics To Set Up a VTC

    Hello, Unfortunately, I have to inform you that this is not really worth a guide since it is pretty much common knowledge. The guides on the forum are supposed to contain unique content with illustrations and much more. However, your post just quickly summarised the main aspects which everybody thinks of anyway. In that sense, your guide is not going to be accepted. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Community Manager //Rejected.
  15. not work the simulation of fatigue

    Movido a sección de discusión en Español.