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  1. Anriandor

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] Smalley has been demoted to Trial Game Moderator due to failing to meet the activity requirements. [GAME MODERATOR] Craigals has been demoted to Trial Game Moderator due to failing to meet the activity requirements. [GAME MODERATOR] Istanbullue has been demoted to Trial Game Moderator due to failing to meet the activity requirements.
  2. Anriandor

    [POLL] The Weekly Hotspot Initiative

    Hey @Rev., This is indeed a really great idea! I hope more people will notice that topic Have fun and happy trucking! Regards, Anriandor
  3. Anriandor

    Who has priority in this situation? Watch the video

    Hello @FiotoBR, Since I am very familiar with that intersection, I can tell you that the traffic sign you marked with an orange circle is this: It means that you have priority only once and only for the next upcoming intersection. For instance, if there are 3 crossroads and you see this sign once, it means you can cross the first intersection because you have priority but not necessarily the second and third one. Also, the double solid white lines mean that you are not allowed to overtake there. Hopefully, you can understand that. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Game Manager
  4. Anriandor

    Who has priority in this situation? Watch the video

    Hello @FiotoBR, While exceeding the speed limit, you may not even have noticed it, however, there was a "yield" sign in front of you before approaching that intersection: Now, you might be wondering 'what is this'? This sign tells you that you must let other traffic pass because they have the priority. It is not a stop sign, however, you must stop if traffic is coming as you have to give way. Lastly, I really hope that you can understand this. Also, I will remain at your disposition if you have any further questions or inquiries. Should your issue be solved, please let me know so that a Supporter can move this topic. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Game Manager
  5. Anriandor

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @Truckerpilot has been removed from the Game Moderator team due to failing to meet the activity requirements. He is being transferred to the [COMMUNITY MODERATOR TEAM] focusing on Social Media.
  6. Game Moderator Recruitment Dear players, Welcome to the third public recruitment session for TruckersMP Game Moderators. Since we have finished dealing with the applications from the previous, second public recruitment, it is time to get potential new candidates. If you already have an application on the waiting list, you do not need to submit another one. However, if you applied for another team, you can apply for this position as well. There are many requirements that you should meet, as well as a special process you have to go through before achieving the Trial Game Moderator Observer rank. Mandatory Requirements Good English knowledge. Member on TruckersMP for at least 1 year. Constantly active over TruckersMP Forums with constructive replies, registered for at least three months and have minimum 50 posts. Good knowledge of TruckersMP rules. Good behaviour In-game, on the forums and discord. No forum punishments in the past year. No bans in the past year, possibly no bans at all. Resilient, active and flexible. Can work as a team, even if you don't agree with another member. Must be able to remain calm and polite. Previous Moderation experience with examples. Can reach the activity requirements. IMPORTANT: If you applied previously and your application has been rejected, please make sure you fixed what was mentioned to you in your rejection note BEFORE attempting to apply another time. Joining Process 1. Chat time with Game Managers Once you joined the Waiting List, you will have a chat with Game Managers. This would give the GMMs some time to decide if the applicant's English is good enough. Start to gauge what sort of person the applicant is and if there is motivation for the role. 2. Training Each applicant must go through a training with a Trainer to teach the basics of how to deal with web reports and appeals. Learn best practices and how to anticipate on posted content. Learn how to judge and how to apply a suitable a punishment if needed as well as distinguishing intentional offences between accidental ones. 3. Review with Game Managers Find out about any issues they had with training and iron those out. Answer any questions. Give result on whether they can go on to be Trial Game Moderators. 4. Trial Game Moderator If the training has been completed successfully, the applicant will now be a Trial Game Moderator for up to 2 months. Other notes The system will not allow you to apply if you have any bans in the past 365 days since this is a requirement; You can only send in one application during this recruitment period; Meeting these requirements does not guarantee getting recruited as there are intentionally hidden requirements too; The process of becoming a full Game Moderator will be explained to you once you are a part of the team; If you are put on the "Waiting List" it means we have looked at your application and will proceed with further reviews. This does not imply that you will necessarily be taken. After having read this, do you want to give it a go? Please, send in your application here: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment End of recruitment: 30th September 2018
  7. Anriandor

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @.cL Mario left the team due to lack of time. We thank him for his service of over 3 years. Best of luck in the future!
  8. Anriandor


    There are no plans for that. //Rejected.
  9. Anriandor

    Put discord icon on front page of TMP

    If that is the case, I have to tell you that your search might not have been thorough enough. As a matter of fact, when opening the index of our forum, there is a gigantic section which is, in fact, already named "Discord" (Picture). You would have simply needed to click the "Guidance" section (the meaning of it should be very self-explanatory) and then you would have found this topic: The reason why there is no simple invite link is that every Discord account is tied to the TruckersMP account, which means that we have the option to find and punish your online account as well, not only your Discord account of which you could create dozens. An invite link does not give us the option to tie Discord accounts to the respective user's TMP profile. There are no plans to change that as of now. Hopefully, you can understand that. //Rejected.
  10. Anriandor

    Answer the question above you

    Since I have 2 cars, I the last part of your question is fulfilled, however, I have never tried to follow an aircraft before. Q: What would you do with a billion dollar worth of gold?
  11. Anriandor

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  12. Anriandor

    What are your opinions about PUBG?

    Hello, When talking about PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, I have to refer to the Project Manager @Scar, as well as to @Smoky_TMP who always helped me get that chicken dinner since I cannot hit anything. Not only do I have potato aim but also is it difficult to spot enemy forces in the first place, making the shooting attempt redundant in the first place. Sadly, I have not played the most recent patches due to lack of interest but the game is overall quite great. I really appreciate that I have got it gifted from @Ashley because I did not want to spend money on a game that might not even be worth it. As time and experience have shown, it has become to the most popular game of Twitch with people like summit, shroud and the Doc streaming all day long. Besides their astonishing skill, I can only point out that my overall great opinion is being weakened by the massive size of updates all the time. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Community Manager
  13. Anriandor

    [SCS Blog] Update 1.32 Appetizer: Trailer Ownership

    Finally, SCS is going to implement what we have all been waiting for! The future will hopefully bring trailers with changeable boxes, as well as combinations where the truck does already have the trailer on its back, so to say. There are so many more opportunities to make the game more vivid and to provide us with more options. I can just say that I
  14. Anriandor

    in which country you like to travel the most? (ETS2)

    Hello, The answer is the same as you have already said yourself - Scandinavia. The reasoning behind this choice is quite simple: the tolls have an auto-pass lane which does not require you to slow down to excessively low speeds. Additionally, the previous posters have already mentioned scenic roads and incredible curves which make it an interesting route to drive on using a steering wheel. With a proper H-Shifter equipped, it is the perfect location to test your skill and experience manoeuvering a huge and heavy machine. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Community Manager
  15. Anriandor

    pilot car

    Hello, Playing TruckersMP, there is technically neither an official requirement nor rule regarding the mandatory use of Pilot cars for escorting purposes. You are free to drive it whenever and wherever you want unless you are violating §2.6 when using it. Other than that, you might want to have a look at the following rule, §2.7, since this will sometimes also affect you whilst driving the Pilot Scout. Lastly, I hope to have answered that uncertainty. If there are any further questions, make sure to ask them by tagging me. Kind regards, Anriandor TruckersMP Community Manager