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  1. Bergen is empty, C-D road is empty, Rotterdam is empty - where are all the players?


    1. LordBenji


      With the server still being full, do you realize you could have been driving through everyone in your way without knowing it? It is known as a desync glitch and can be confused as NCZ hack (usually players need a strong evidence to prove if it was hacking).

  2. Jag kör gärna lite nu under eventet, var kan jag finna er?
  3. How does the Heavy cargo DLC work in MP? 


    Let's pretend that I drive around with a truck configurated with parts from the DLC hauling a trailer from the DLC. 


    1. Will I crash others?


    2. Will other players load the textures? If no, what will happen if they drive in to the area which is obtained by my trailer?

  4. Here we go again @FirestarteR93.. Why do you feel compelled to answer in topics about a game that you don't even own or have played? If you would've played the game, you'd know that the level of detail is much greater in ATS, compared to ETS2. Right now you're just trying to make a point by posting pictures that doesn't say anything about the differences in quality of those two games. It doesn't surprise me that your point is invalid when you've not even bothered to get your own experience of ATS. But it does surprise me that you, without own experience of ATS feel called to answer about a topic about it.
  5. What's the thing with SCS and their DLC-giveaways? Those who are working/studying or just havn't got time to grab the DLC at those excact two hours, ot those who live in a part of the world eight hours before us, should they be punished? You know better @RootKiller and the others at SCS!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. mutlob


      Come on man, don't complain about something free. SCS doesn't have to do something at all, let alone cater to your individual needs... (no, I did not get the free DLC unfortunately, I was late as well)

    3. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      i work and do others thing too i just looked facebook 4hours ago an took me 5mins in my phone so you're just crying because you are lazy and dont want to take that little effort to get a FREE item, they can do it the way they wanted and they cannot be forced to discuss this with anyone. in any case sorry for your lost.

    4. Tandre


      @Valroy_CL Lazy!? That one made my day! I'd rather see an event for the DLC, which would require more effort of the players..

  6. Why does it take so long time to get the trailer-DLC supported? 

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    2. TFM_Omega


      @Aragon0450 SCS are nothing to with TruckersMP. They're free to code it however they like. With new hit boxes with them and more detailed textures the code will be different. Just give MP devs time and wait. If you want it so badly go learn to code and help them. 

    3. Tandre


      @TrademarkGamer, @Spirit_Wolf


      I havn't even got that DLC, so it's not bothering me! I was just curious, but I'm sorry if you got offended, I truly am.

    4. TFM_Omega


      Not having a go at you Owl. Sorry if it seemed like that. Just had a go at Aragon for blaming SCS for the delay.

  7. Hello,


    Does anyone here know about a currently working winter mod, which makes the roads slippery?

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I don't, but if you never fix your tires, you should get the same effect.

    2. Tandre


      Will try- thank you! 

  8. He havn't said anything patronising towards any of you- So I don't understand why you get offended by his wish to interact with muslims. I understand his wish even though I'm not muslim- he is only looking for truckers sharing the same interest as him; in this case the the muslim religion. To you, @ussy7861: I'm sure there are muslim truckers, especially from Turkey, I hope you find someone!
  9. Probaly not. I'd rather buy something DLC-like, maybe some special paintjobs, some special accessories for your truck? Maybe exclusive acces to events hosted on special servers and so on... That's what I'd like; however it seems like the very majority would buy a T-shirt, so I might have to give way on this one!
  10. Iceland wins, 2-1 against England, this means that they will meet Italy in semifinal... England is out. First brexit- now this... The whole coutry is probaly shaking!

    1. Mirrland


      I knew England would be out before Wales :D

  11. "No it means they work cheaper than a brit in most cases. The reason Brits don't work so cheap is because we know what the price of living is." In some cases, yes- wage dumping is a problem in some industries. But at the same time international studies shows that this isn't true. Remember that they create jobs too. " @The_Owl Also, the Media tend to always take a point of view and then blow that out of the water and make it 1000x bigger than it really is, its the gullible ones who believe every word the news tells them on a subject. If leaving the EU was so bad, then surely countries like Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Russia would be in a super bad state and would be clawing at the door of the EU begging to be allowed in." - @megadethsteve666 Me: "About the media... What I said was that the media reported about that the brits wanted stricter immigration-politics. Not that it's bad to leave the EU." - Me " What's wrong with wanting to control OUR country?" - You @TrademarkGamer You and @megadethsteve666 claimed that the media reports were wrong, which they weren't. That post/question does not adress my point. But I will for the third time answer the question to you, as you doesn't seem to get it... There's nothing wrong with controling your borders stricter- you've got full rights to do that. But when you dumb the responsibility at the rest of EU, you won't get a good trade agreement. As you don't help the EU- you won't get any help by EU. Simple.
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