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  1. Best post ever, I totally agree with you man!
  2. I can't understand why such a huge amount of people likes it. OMFG's songs are so damn annoying!
  3. Sup! Haven't been active lately so that's why Im asking ya all about it, will ATS support a dolly (2 pivot points). Im tired of the semi trailers! If ATS won't support it then do u guys know any game that does? EXCEPT FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 2015, the rear view mirrors (is that what u call it) are horrible!
  4. Hahah I saw ya doing that yesterday, it was both funny and weird at the same time x)
  5. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Seems like Im the only one that likes this kind of music :/
  6. Just to calm myself down <3
  7. Well, before you buy a mechanical keyboard you have to try the specific switch FIRST! Im sure you will be dissapointed if you get it as a birthday gift, because you probably have to return it because choosing a switch is hard! I've tried a few of them and i didn't really like them. It's a personal thing you know so be sure to try out some mechanical switches before purchase! In terms of mice, well, I recommend the SS Rival, well worth it's money! :3
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