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  1. Finns det någon svensk spelare man kan träffa i TruckersMP här? Skulle vore nice att spela med andra svenska spelare!
  2. Hey! I have seen many players drive over 90 km/h in EU2 server but I can't drive faster than 90 km/h and I have checked settings, the option "Speed Limiter 90 km/h" is unchecked so I really don't know what is causing this. My friend told me that only the market jobs you can drive faster than 90 km/h but it doesn't work for me... Any help please? But meanwhile in EU1 i can drive over 90 km/h, wtf? I have tried everything.....
  3. Nevermind, restarted TruckersMP and saw that the server was OFFLINE
  4. Hey! So me and my friend tried to join EU1 but it says that our client is invalid? It also said we should redownload the mod so we did that but still says that our client is invalid. We have updated everything, TruckersMP and ETS2. Is this a major problem or what is going on? And the other servers are working 100% its just EU1 ASAP answer would be appreciated
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